Admittedly, sometimes I get in my own head about things, which may explain a little bit more about my love of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.  No, this isn't a Honey Boo Boo post because that would be easy.  No, this entry focuses on LeAnn Rimes' Twitter battle with a Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Brandi Glanville fan which led to the country singer suing the fan who is a teacher.  Don't get me wrong, LeAnn is three-star cray in my book but this disgruntled fan isn't doing herself any favors by continuing to talk to the press.  I have to wonder if either of these ladies realize there are actual and legitimate problems going on in the world.  Probably not.

Here's a mini-break down.  LeAnn and Brandi's Twitter followers were embroiled in a toxic tweeting war.  Fans of each woman were bashing the wannabe celebs and their followers in what can only be described as mean girl bullies hiding behind their lattes and laptops.  Do these people not have jobs?

Anyhoo, LeAnn was particularly sensitive to the negative things being said about her.  Instead of doing what a normal person of her status would do (ie, deleting her Twitter, because who cares about what the commoners think?  OR laughing maniacally while dancing around with millions of dollars, pitying those who have only enough money to afford the Internet with which they are bashing her), she went into the trenches, launching her own attacks.  Somehow (I'm still foggy as to how this occurred), she ended up with the phone number of one of her greatest haters.  And she called her.  I'm assuming LeAnn thought that Kim Smiley getting a phone call from a quasi famous person would immediately render her star-struck, and she's stop hatefully tweeting like a mad woman.  Boy, did LeAnn misread that situation. 

Not only did Kim not buckle to LeAnn, she recorded their phone call which apparently has the singer going from kind to cursing in a matter of minutes.  Again, who (on either side) has the time for this?  Blah, blah, blah, and LeAnn is suing Kim for illegally recording her.  Our tax dollars at work, ladies and gentlemen.


I'll be honest, I used to side a little bit with Kim, even though there was a nagging thought in the back of my head which questioned why a wife, mother, and professional would have enough free time to continually tweet someone she'd never met.  However, now that Kim is talking about her impending lawsuit with any media outlet that will listen, I kind of think both ladies are a tad off their rockers. 

Kim talks to Radar Online about the upcoming litigation and why she won't accept a settlement.  She says, "My husband and I talked [about settling the suit] and we both feel that it's important to clear our names. If it was just about recording the call, that'd be different, but she's claiming harassment, and that I caused her to go to 'rehab.'"

Kim continues, saying she's done her legal homework.  After speaking with an entertainment attorney (not hers…she has yet to retain one) Kim reveals, "[He says LeAnn] has no case, as did all of the other attorneys I spoke with. They said she's not going to like or want what's going to come out."

Here's a juicy morsel…Kim hasn't been offered a settlement yet!  She may want to stop yapping and pray someone throws one at her.  She's tainting whatever case she had with this interview!

Of LeAnn's allegations of cyber bulling, Kim asserts, "It's impossible to 'bully' somebody from a private account, besides the fact that she blocked me. The bullying BS is ridiculous! Every article on every site about her is filled with negative comments, far worse than anything I've ever said. [One site] has a thread about her that started in 2009 & there's over 800 pages of nothing but negativity." Here's some advice, Kim…I'd stop bragging about getting blocked on Twitter by LeAnn.  It doesn't paint either of you in a favorable light.  Kim adds, "Her actions, beyond the affair [with Eddie Cibrian], have created all of the negativity & she will have to accept that at some point, or start ignoring it all."

Kim doesn't buy for a second that she was the cause for LeAnn's stint in rehab.  I do agree with her there.  Kim explains, "I think that she is using her status and money to try and shut us up. She knew about the recording in March, she could've sent a cease and desist (letter), but instead she chose to plan a 'rehab' stunt and lawsuit, a day after celebrating her birthday for an entire month. She gave exclusives of her birthday party to People magazine. She didn't seem stressed. She saw this as an opportunity to get those who she thinks are close to Brandi. Funny thing, I've never talked to Brandi, never DMd (direct messaged), never texted, emailed [or sent a] FB message, smoke signals….nothing."

A source close to the starlet discounts this accusation, telling the site, "LeAnn is not using her status or money to try to shut her up. If she was she would have done something long ago. This  was a specific act and illegal act and she reacted to that act."

Kim retaliates, "It's funny that her rep said it was absurd [to allege] that she kept a list of enemies, yet she knew very private details about my life, she chose to call me, and she's randomly tweeted me."  Again, why is this something to brag about?  I once tweeted Lance Armstrong for doing something amazing for a friend of mine and never heard back from him…and guess what?  If I had gotten a response, I'd be like, what's up with Lance?  Who has too much time on his hands?  This was clearly a while ago.  #Livestrong

Finally, Kim goes into a cloak and dagger situation which I have a difficult time following, so any assistance would be welcome.  She alleges, "[LeAnne] had [name withheld] follow me and send her all of my tweets, DMs, and texts that I sent [name withheld] at first." What's more?  This "name withheld" person even told LeAnn she felt uncomfortable being the go-between.  I'd bet she'd feel even more awkward if we knew her real name!

Of the crazy phone call that is the heart of the lawsuit, Kim claims, "I believe it was LeAnn's idea. She thought I'd be 'charmed' by her and just come 'hang with her!' She never expected I'd stand my ground. In fact [name withheld] said, she said ‘I wouldn’t have called her if you told me she would say those things!’ [Name withheld] said she was mad and even crying at one point."  Good Lord!  Is she happy about making LeAnn cry?  Are we at all concerned as to why LeAnn feels the need to call people that don't like her? I am so terribly befuddled by this underworld of celebs and Twitter.  Can someone send me an applicable PSA or After School Special about this?  I like Lance even more for not responding.  It keeps me grounded because outside of my own mind  I'm not a celeb, nor do I rub elbows with them on the Internet.  That said, I am totes kicking myself for not paying more attention in my Criminal Law class so that I could share more legal commentary on the whole phone taping situation.  I seem to recall it's a bad thing, but that's about it.  Curses to me for focusing on real estate!


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