Aaaahhh… it doesn’t get any better than this. I love a good Single White Female drama, don’t you? LeAnn Rimes (who apparently had a career before twitter entered her life) is the homewrecking harlot who stole Brandi Glanville‘s man.

Instead of just, you know, fading peacefully into the sunset with her borrowed husband, LeAnn has made it her life’s work to make Brandi’s life a living hell. Didn’t this person win a Grammy at one point? #MyHowTheMightyHaveFallen

LeAnn has been accused of all sorts of shenanigans including setting up fake twitter accounts to harass the poor Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star. And now that she’s also turned her crazy witchy woman ways towards some of her former fans, they are giving her a taste of her own medicine.


A few months ago it was reported that LoonAnn went on a lunch date with some of her most ardent twitter followers – these so-called fans also happen to despise Brandi and constantly harass her. Now of course LeAnn doesn’t influence them at all, does she? While on this luncheon LeAnn pulled out a cell phone to call another former fan. With the magic of iPads among other technology it was blissfully recorded.

That former fan in question is a woman named Kimberly Smiley, a wife and mom who doesn’t know LeAnn and simply called her out for making rude comments about Brandi. The mighty tentacles of twitter – ruining the lives of Z C List stars everywhere!

“In the summer of 2010, I started following LeAnn on Twitter, because she supported Jimmy Wayne [a country artist who was walking across the U.S. to raise awareness for foster youth],” Kimberly explains to The Huffington Post about how she got embroiled in this LeAnn/Brandi mess.

“I immediately noticed how much she tweeted certain people and I found it strange. I was blocked by LeAnn immediately after I started speaking to Brandi fans on Twitter,” Kimberly recalls.

Kimberly claims she then started being harassed by LeAnn fans and even had her job and her child’s school address posted on Twitter. Apparently Kimberly is not the only former fan who is being bullied by LeAnn’s cronies. And interestingly the root of LeAnn’s harassment is because she desperately wants to win the fans over to her side. She really, really, really wants them to like her – and not Brandi!

“[LeAnn] really wants us to like her and see that she’s not as bad as we think,” Kimberly believes. “It’s very strange, if you ask me. I mean I’m just a mom, wife and teacher from a rural town in Northern California. Why would she care?”

I really wish I could tell you I paid a visit to LeAnn’s twitter page to investigate things, but I’m too afraid. I don’t want to poke any scary, enraged bears who haven’t eaten since meeting Eddie Cibrian.

Anyway, Kimberly claims that when LeAnn called her during that fateful lunch she kept insisting Kimberly get to know the “real LeAnn” and begged her to spend time with her. LeAnn apparently promised Kimberly would really like her if she did. Somehow I doubt Kimberly would ever go anywhere alone with a certified crackjob. Kimberly was “surprised that she thought I’d just change my mind about her and want to come hang with her.”

Of course, despite audio evidence to the contrary, LeAnn is denying all of Kimberly’s claims. And in fact she insists it is Kimberly who is stalking her! Those damn Brandi fans!

Kimberly Smiley has been tweeting mean and derogatory things about LeAnn for years,” LeAnn’s attorney Larry Stein insists “A mutual friend suggested LeAnn talk to Miss Smiley in an attempt to reduce the negativity. In an attempt to conciliate, LeAnn spoke to Miss Smiley.”

He continues, “Instead of accepting LeAnn’s kind gesture, Miss Smiley apparently, without consent, taped portions of the conversation, changed the conversation through editing and created snippets out of context to distribute to the media.”

“It is a violation of the California penal code to tape a telephone conversation without the other party’s consent. LeAnn is totally disappointed in Ms. Smiley‘s treachery and has turned the entire matter over to her attorney,” Mr. Stein concludes.

You would think since LeAnn is attending church with the Kardashians and all she would have turned over a new leaf and become a better, nicer, less insane and delusional person… You mean to tell me Life Change Community Church, founded by Kris Jenner, doesn’t change people for the better? Well, I’ll be damned!