Oh Brandi Glanville!  I love when you open your mouth because we never know what is going to come pouring out of it!  The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star is notorious for not having a filter when it comes to speaking her mind.  Sometimes it's hilarious, sometimes it misses the mark, and sometimes we're left scratching our heads wondering just what point she was hoping to convey.  Today, we cover all three of those bases!

With the upcoming premiere of Season 3, the women of RHOBH have been making the rounds and chatting with any media outlet that will listen.  Brandi has a lot to talk about, whether it's her strained relationship with her ex-husband's new wife, her new book, or a bunch of other gibberish that seems to spew from her mouth.  She's a piece of work, that one!


Brandi spoke to OK at the show's premiere party, revealing how things are going with LeAnn Rimes, who is married to her ex Eddie Cibrian.  She tells the magazine, "Right now it's not amazing. I'm just saying… and I'll leave it at that."  That's beyond shocking to hear given LeAnn's recent stint in rehab for exhaustion and anxiety and Twitter lawsuit.

The avid tweeter and self-proclaimed jokester sometimes has to explain her humor.  After recently tweeting something that was misconstrued to be about LeAnn (let's be honest, it was totes about LeAnn!), she back pedals, "Well if you put it on paper and you type it out… it's not funny but I'm hoping in person it's funny. I'm constantly going back and explaining what I meant or what I said or that I'm just joking."

Brandi adds, "I'm a middle child – I had to be funny to get out of a lot of trouble. My friends are all here… all these beautiful girls in the background and we are the biggest jokesters of all time. I just saw their boob – one of them just flashed me! We're a**holes – this is what we do!"  Huh?  Hilarious?  I'm not sure how we got from middle child to flashing, but whatevs.

Of her upcoming self-help relationship book, Brandi shares, "It’s hopefully an empowering book for women and men about breakups and kind of showing them the way not to go. I did some really messed up things. I also don’t want people to be embarrassed by the things that they did do. A lot of people sweep things under the rug and for me I put it all out there. And even in one chapter I was writing and I was like am I really writing this right now? But I want people to get it. It’s part of the evolution of life which makes us who we are. I get told, 'Oh you’re not really over your divorce' but do you really ever get over your divorce or does it make you who you are today and is it part of your story."

Continuing, Brandi says, "I want them to know… sometimes I did the wrong thing, and this is what I did, and don’t do this, and I try to make it funny so that it’s not this Debbie Downer guide but it was so great writing it but it’s a little scandalous."

As for dating after divorce, Brandi claims we'll get to see her meet some new people on the upcoming season.  She admits to Us Weekly, "I don't really 'date.' What is that? I make out! It's hard to meet guys because they want to date you because you are on TV, or there are guys who like you but don't want anything to do with you because you are on TV. It's a hard road," adding, "I make out with everyone! It's awesome."  Gracious. 

As for the upcoming season, Brandi promises a lot of "fun, good times — and a little bit of crazy drunkenness. It's all over the board. It's a soap opera, but it's real, so it's amazing."  Shocking, given this crew!

In other Housewives news, Adrienne Maloof and Paul Nassif have sold their Beverly Hills home for nearly $20 million.  The couple put their massive mansion on the market for $26 million a month ago when it was announced they were divorcing.  The 20,000 square foot home boasts eight bedrooms, eleven baths, a screening room, gym, and wine cellar, as well as two acres which house a guest home and pool.  Built in 2000, Adrienne and Paul paid $12.7 million for the house eight years ago.  That's a nice little profit!


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