A new bikini line isn't the only project that Real Housewives of Orange County's Gretchen Rossi is working on.  The reality TV star reveals in a new interview that she and Slade Smiley are working on having a baby together. 

Gretchen tells Ok magazine, "We’re working really hard right now to have a baby. He actually has a vasectomy so he has to get a reversal and we have to kind of figure that all out. The scoop is we are taking the steps to try to have a baby."

Although she turned Slade's marriage proposal down a few months back, Gretchen tells the mag that she might be ready now.  "If that is the path we are taking there should be some sort of commitment and I don’t know when that is going to happen and who is going to ask who. I might not [ask him to marry me], but I’m just saying you never know. I kind of have a wild hair up my ass. I’m just saying a guy doesn’t always have to do it. He can still do it, but maybe I might too. I don’t know, but if [he] doesn't something soon, I might have to!"


I know they aren't getting any younger, but am I the only one who thinks the timing of this interview might be tacky?  Slade's son Grayson is still in the hospital, fighting for his life. If I was his mom, I wouldn't want to hear about their plan for a baby.  Why announce it already if they are just in the early talking stages of the vasectomy reversal?  That means it will be a long while before they start actually working on getting pregnant. 

Don't misunderstand, new babies are wonderful and lovely and I wish them the best.  It's just that if it were me, I would've kept it private until I was actually pregnant. 


Photo Credit: Fayes Vision/Wenn.com

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