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You know it's a serious reality star divorce when everyone from lawyers to money mag writers are talking to any and all media outlets.  It certainly won't be the last we hear about the divorce proceedings between Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy

Speaking to Celebuzz, celebrity attorney Raoul Felder gives his take on the Bethenny Ever After star's divorce.  Known as the "Duke of Divorce," Raoul is not representing Bethenny, but he understands why she came out of the gate with such strong demands, including primary physical custody of Bryn, child support, and medical expenses.  She can always compromise, but if she doesn't ask for certain things right out of the gate, she can't ask for them later.  He shares, “There was nothing unusual here as she was claiming everything (in a bid) to protect herself, but things will change as the divorce progresses.”

He adds, “I understand they had a pre-nuptial agreement but Bethenny Frankel is very shrewd and she will not want to run up huge attorney’s fees and court costs in a protracted divorce.  She will try and thrash-out an amicable deal and end this marriage in a quick and clean fashion.  She was obviously unhappy in her marriage and called time on that and is now moving on the best way she can.”


And while Bethenny continues her tearful media tour, she can blow her nose with all of her money.  According to a Forbes writer who spoke with E!, Bethenny's cash flow isn't going anywhere any time soon.  She says, "Jason had a modest career as a pharmaceutical salesman, so I don't think there is much a fortune there to be split up with.  She was definitely the breadwinner."

Bethenny brought in $55 million in 2010 (thanks, Jim Beam!), followed by $12 million in 2011.  In the past year, she pulled in $10 million.  Not too shabby! "I think she is going to be around the same [in 2012]," predicts the Forbes writer. "She is not going to see as much money from television this year, obviously Bethenny Ever After was off the air, but she had a pretty decent holding deal with Telepictures for the talk show, which was picked up so she will see money from that as well."

Discussing Bethenny's plethora of products, she says, "She has always been a business woman, but her business has absolutely boomed since 2010-2011. What has worked for Bethenny time and time again is she does an amazing job tying her real life/personal life to her television/personal life to the branded products she is selling. When she was booming and single on the Real Housewives franchise, she was selling cocktails to Skinnygirl. When she got married and started having children, she started getting more into nutrition and weight loss products that were tied to her becoming a mother. I don't see her stopping any time soon. It will be interesting to see what type of product lines she starts putting out after this most recent development (divorce)."

You know, she's probably right…this divorce is going to give us an entire new line of books, diets, and dating advice.  There is no end in sight.  Sigh.


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