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Bethenny Frankel is using twitter as a medium to communicate with her fans in the wake of her divorce from Jason Hoppy. In lieu of doing interviews, she's letting "sources" and the media make claims that this was a very hard decision for her and that she is in despair over ending her marriage. 

One month after announcing her separation, she filed for divorce, and wasted no time in requesting full custody of daughter Bryn, child support, medical and dental insurance, and to be listed as a beneficiary on Jason's life insurance policy. 

When the media and the public got wind of her demands the blogs and internet erupted with comments. And apparently Bethenny, who made a business of plastering her life all over the place on Bethenny Ever After, is frustrated by the reactions she's getting. 

"I need a little break from unsolicited advice today. Let's all just lighten it up even if just for a few hours," she tweeted hours after the story broke. 


And when the chatter did not die down Bethenny posted this little bit of advice: 

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Here's the thing Bethenny, reality TV operates under the principle that it is YOUR reality. And when you put your life out there and offer a limited, edited glimpse of how things work this is the response you get. When everyone was commenting in your favor you didn't mind but now that people are questioning your actions it doesn't feel so good. With that being said, I do think it must suck to live out a divorce in the public eye. 

Maybe Bethenny should contact former friend Jill Zarin for some advice on dealing with fan revolt. But Jill has probably already offered some "unsolicited advice" to Bethenny. 

In addition to all the public lambasting she's taking, Perez Hilton reports that Bethenny fears despite their prenup, she could end up losing big financially! 

Bethenny's biggest concern is the financial hit her empire could take because of the fallout from her divorce … The couple did have an iron-clad prenup, and Jason could make a bid to have it thrown out … Bethenny is beyond obsessed with money, sadly.”

She decided to fire the first strike by requesing primary custody of Bryn apparently as a warning of some sort. 

Jason will file his response and will most likely seek joint custody of Bryn. Jason is also floored that Bethenny is asking for child support from him since she is worth at least $50 million," the source reveals. "This divorce isn't going to be amicable, by any means.”

Even worse for Bethenny she is concerned that the hit to her public image related to the divorce could hurt her career – and that if Jason decides to play dirty leakes about her private life could emerge. 

Bethenny desperately needs the approval of the public and is obsessed with being in the press, but under her terms," the source shares. "However, she won't be able to control that as much now that she is getting divorced, and negative details about her life that she has been able to keep private, are going to all come out.”

Well, well… she needs to pay Kris Jenner a visit and find out how to do some lightening fast damage control. Although, I'm not so sure it worked for Kimmie Kakes!

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