Being Lilly Ghalichi seems like a tough gig… managing all that makeup, hair, and boobage… not to mention dealing with an estranged boyfriend, mean friends, and a dinner party from hell… and that was just this week on Shahs of Sunset

I'm exhausted just thinking about it. Poor Lilly.

According to Lilly's friend Neama, Lilly needs to ditch the bikinis and be a lawyer if she ever wants to get married. Neama told Lilly "it's time to grow up" and "this is beneath you" and "nobody wants a Persian wife who designs bikinis." While the exchange initially left Lilly feeling confused, Lilly's blog reveals she definitely won't be practicing law anytime soon. 


"My partner Jennifer Stano and I have built Have Faith Swimgerie from the ground up to become a million dollar company. After all my hard work and success, it is extremely hurtful to hear him put me down for doing what I love," Lilly shared. "This is my passion, these are my dreams, and this my life. I love you Neama, but for the first time, I don’t think I’ll be taking your advice."

Also on Shahs of Sunset this week, Reza Farahan set up a dinner party, hoping to mend Golnesa "GG" Gharachedaghi and Asa Soltan Rahmati's friendship. Unfortunately, Mike Shouhed and Omid Kalantari derailed Reza's peace summit before it even began, and Lilly got stuck in the middle.
Lilly noted how quickly things went bad, adding, "I don't say a word and I'm trying my best not to get involved even though I'm sitting directly in between the boys. The next thing I know, people are standing up and threatening each other, so much for anything constructive happening tonight!"
Lilly did attempt to keep Mike away from Omid. That was funny. Lilly is way too tiny (much to her amazement) to control beefcake Mike. I was hoping she'd unleash some sort of super power via her hair (like Spiderman's web) but she didn't. She simply moved her fragile self to the other side of the table.
Lilly wrote, "Me, Asa, and Reza just sit there on the other side of the table watching in horror. We are all three so sick and tired of all the tension and drama. Wait, did GG just grab a KNIFE? OK, I think I just saw a glimpse of the crazy side of GG that everyone has been telling me about. Resorting to violence is NEVER OK, I am in shock at this point." 
Can you say EPIC FAIL?! Well, not according to Bravo, who happily reported a 41% increase from the previous week. The tumultuous dinner party attracted more than 2.2 million viewers. Bravo to Reza: #sorrynotsorry
In other Lilly news, the reality TV star recently took to every social media platform available to reveal two new hairstyles and a new no makeup shot. 


Lilly: Guess who cut their hair?!  


Lilly: Obsessed with shorter hair. 


Lilly: Trying something new!!! (ponytail) He literally gave me a facelift by pulling it so tight! (Coconut is adorbs!)


Lilly: STILL laying in bed. #nomakeup

The second season of Shahs of Sunset is coming to an end, and I'm still not sure what (if anything) Lilly brings to the show. She rarely interacts with the cast, and, when she does, she usually ends up whining about something. 


Photo credit: Instagram

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