Now that Phaedra Parks has a workout DVD to promote, the Real Housewives of Atlanta star is dishing out advice on being healthy and fit while pregnant. Apparently that means refraining from eating for two. 

First up, Phaedra tells OK! that she has only put on a paltry 11lbs as she rounds out her second trimester and her doctors only expect her to gain 15-16lbs total by the end of her pregnancy! Huh? Is she even eating for one? "It's a little low," Phaedra concedes, "but I'm sure the baby will be healthy." 

"I'm very busy: I'm a full-time student, full-time mom, have a law firm, work in a funeral home, I'm involved in the community, have a husband… So you know, I really don't have have time to think about food as much as some people. I live to work, not live to eat." 


Phaedra says Apollo Nida has been helping her with a pre-natal workout program and things are going well. "When I'm pregnant I really like to watch my diet," Phaedra shares. Instead of over-indulging, she prefers to focus on healthy food with plenty of nutrients. 

Phaedra has been doing water aerobics and yoga to keep fit, but she doesn't "count calories." 

"Some people subscribe to the myth, 'I'm eating for two people,' " Phaedra explains to People. "Well, not really. The other person is half of a pound. I wouldn't really count that as an individual. It's obviously a living organism, but something weighing 7 lbs. doesn't really allow you to eat two meals. Doctors say you only need an additional 500 calories."

"I just try to eat organic, healthy food. I eat a lot of small meals per day," Phaedra clarifies. "If I want something, I try to eat it in moderation if it's something that's not good for me. I don't really have any cravings. The only thing I [craved] during my last pregnancy were oranges. I love citrus fruit." 

Post baby, Phaedra says her biggest weight loss tip is breast feeding. "It tightens up your uterus. It brings everything back in places very quickly. And it cuts down on buying milk and going to the grocery store. Milk does a body good, and if you can make it yourself, then why not?"

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