Gretchen Rossi

Collective EWWWWWW time! Gretchen Rossi is apparently very in love with Slave Smiley. And the two have been talking baby making plans and wedding dates all with the hopes of securing their own Bravo spinoff, I'm sure!

In a new interview the Real Housewives of Orange County couple says things are better then ever between the sheets and elsewhere. Is Slade paying his child support yet? And their babymaking and marriage plans will be a "hot topic" on the upcoming season 8. 

"This is the happiest we’ve been in the four years since we’ve had a relationship," Gretchen gushes to OK!. "Our relationship continues to get better and better.  Everyday we find some more that we love about each other and it’s just a really blissful relationship." 


"I think we work so well together because we are the male and female version of each other," Gretchen elaborates. "I also think because we’re best friends." GAAAAG!

Gretchen also reveals that their sex life has stayed steamy, but it's definitely not the most important aspect of making things work! "Sex is a great part of our relationship, but it’s not what makes our relationship."

"I remember when we first started dating he said to me sex is maybe on hour of the 24 hours you’re with that person. If you can’t stand to be with that person for the other 23 hours then you’re not ever going to have a good relationship no matter how good the sex is.  I realized he was so right about that."

The other 23 hours is berating your partner and calling him Tubba-Wubba on national TV while he carries your purse and heats up pasta. So just how do Gretchen and Slave entertain themselves for the one hour of the day that's designated "sexytimes"? Yes, you really want to know. 

"I think that with everything in life, you go through stages. Slade and I have never had issues with our sex life at all," Gretchen shares. "I think at the end of the day how we keep it alive is we allow each other to be in that moment. It’s not pressure for us and that’s what is so great. It’s not like Slade says he needs to have sex with me every single day or there’s not a quota I have to meet. I think that’s what keeps it fresh for us—there is no pressure."

Well, errrr… thanks for that Gretch

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