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If we've learned anything from the ladies of Real Housewives of New Jersey, it's that blood is thicker than water…unless, of course, one of your family members refuses to hate on the same person you despise or tries to write a better cookbook with family recipes.  Then, all bets are off!  Basically, blood is thicker than water until someone tries to show up your sketchy accomplishments.  It's funny really.  When someone in my family succeeds, my first instinct is to be proud and supportive.  I clearly have a lot to learn from Teresa Giudice, et al.

While she's not necessarily the biggest cheerleader for some of her family counterparts, Teresa will always stand by her man.  And, let's be honest, Juicy Joe needs her.  His drivers license hangs in the balance.  That's serious, y'all!


Radar Online is reporting that Tre is willing to do anything for her man, and she's stepping up to the plate as Joe heads to trial for drivers license fraud.  You recall that Juicy's license was suspended after a DWI.  After Joe was pulled over again, the police found that he'd been driving while using a license fraudulently obtained by using his brother's marriage and birth certificates.  That's not so bad, right?

While Joe "allegedly" went to the DMV to obtain a fake license with his picture and his brother's information, he is still maintaining his innocence, and his reality star wife is there to help as the star witness. 

Joe has a status hearing on February 25 where the judge will set his actual trial date.  Juicy's attorney shares that his client has an air tight defense, telling the site, “Teresa could be a witness, but everything she would say would be positive for Joe.”  Let me guess…Joe wasn't the guy who was actually pulled over…he was at home taste testing her newest fabulicious recipes.  I can see that.  NOT. 

Joe's attorney continues, “We are going to trial.  These charges and the threat of state prison are ridiculous for this event. I’ve said it all along, but it is because of Joe’s celebrity status that this hasn’t been resolved already.”

 Oh yeah.  That's it.  Joe's "celebrity status" totally makes him the target for local authorities who are pulling over random drivers all akimbo!  I'd bet that fifty others were pulled for license fraud on the same night as Joe, but those were all swept under the rug once Joe's celebrity came to light.  Sure.  We're all that stupid!  🙂


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