Uh-oh, another set-back for Kris Humphries The Kardashain hub TMZ is working overtime to get Kris' annulment claim and his reputation destroyed. Oh you are so pathetically transparent Kris Jenner!

A week after it was reported that Kim Kardashian is desperate to finalize her divorce from Kris, even going so far as to claim the stress is hurting her unborn child (the next day she jetted off to Brazil and wore 5" heels everywhere), Kris' California attorney has quit after some legal wrangling with Kim's attorney Laura Wasser. Coincidence much?

Kris and his attorneys Lee Hutton and Marshall Waller were trying to seek an annulment based on the idea that Kris' marriage to the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star was a publicity stunt orchestrated by the Kardashians. Kris, a devout Christian, also wants the annulment for religious reasons. 

Apparently Marshall no longer is Team Humphries! Citing differences of opinions, TMZ reports he quit Kris' case and filed legal documents requesting removal stating "irreconcilable differences".


Now Kris must find another CA-based attorney. Lee Hutton is based out of Kris' home state of Minnesota and is not licensed to practice is CA. 

Even going further, sources connected with Marshall insist Kris has no chance of securing an annulment against Kim – and that he is abusing the legal system even trying! Sentiments Kim's kamp have been whining about since Day One!

Marshall apparently believes "absolutely no evidence" of fraud was found, therefore nullifying Kris' ability to obtain a fraud-based annulment. Marshall sources also allege that Lee Hutton is delusional in thinking this fraud-based case can withstand trial. 

Lawyers for both Kim and Kris are in court this morning with Kim's attorney demanding a trial date starting next month. Kim is desperate to be divorced from Kris when she gives birth to Kanye West's baby, due this summer. 

Kris will likely contest that claiming that since his attorney abruptly quit just before this current hearing, he needs more time. Kris believes Kim's "unplanned" pregnancy is not his problem and should not interfere in the divorce proceedings.

It's up to the judge to decide which party she agrees with, but if she postpones the trial, it will be the fourth delay for the seemingly never-ending divorce!

Kim – just sign the annulment papers already. You pretty much admitted on Kourtney & Kim Take New York you got married because you felt you couldn't let the public down. 

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