Despite rumors that the fifth season of Basketball Wives is supposed to be more positive, apparently these ladies just can't stop themselves from throwing inappropriate items!

This season's wine bottle is apparently a meatball! Really? Ugh… marinara sauce stains. 

Apparently Suzie Ketcham (always desperate for a storyline) is doing Evelyn's bidding got into a food fight with Kenya Bell during filming! 


The ladies were reportedly filming in an LA restaurant when the fired Kenya returned in a surprise visit to make amends with Suzie. A source tells TMZ things did not go as planned however when they got into a huge argument! Oops. 

In the middle of screaming at each other, Suzie chucked her plate of meatballs across the table hitting Kenya! Really Suzie? That's so last year. 

Kenya of course wasn't going to take that sitting down – she's no meatball! – so she lunged at Suzie and the ladies got into a full-on brawl. Producers intervened and broke it up. 

During the fight Evelyn Lozada and Tami Roman reportedly walked away because they're desperate to revive their images after last season's behavior. Police were not involved, but sources say the fight will definitely be included in this season's storyline. Of course. 

[Photo Credits: VH1]

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