NeNe Leakes Insists She Didn’t Spit On Kenya Moore

Things on Real Housewives of Atlanta are really starting to heat up. Now that we have started to move past the “everyone has a new baby” storyline *snooze*, we are finally starting to see the drama that RHOA is known for giving us season after season. Kenya Moore came for Marlo Hampton at her wig party. Then Tanya Sam came for Kenya and her alleged wig use. Which led to Kenya coming for Tanya with the Cookie Lady. Apparently, the Cookie Lady’s real name might be Shiana. But, does she really deserve to be called anything other than Cookie Lady after that poor attempt at a Tanya takedown? No, she does not. It was very clear that even if Kenya set out to create mess, it was only good in theory. And she can thank the Cookie Lady for failing miserably.

But the real reason RHOA is bringing the heat is who else? NeNe Leakes, who is never too far from the drama, even if she has barely shown up in any of the episodes this season. We all know how much she hates Kenya and the rest of the season will be no exception of her displaying that disdain. All of that to say we are leading up to the “did she” or “didn’t she” spit on Kenya.

NeNe is finally addressing the rumors and trying to do damage control tell her side of the story. She starts by telling Entertainment Tonight, “Kenya, I’ve never had a friendship with her. I’ve never had a friendship with her. She’s always come around and wanted to bicker with me, and I think she wanted to bicker with me because it looks good in the press.”

That bickering is going to be front and center in upcoming episodes, including a much-teased moment where NeNe appears to spit on Kenya. NeNe says of the incident,“I don’t even know what was going through my mind in that moment, but what I do know is, I didn’t spit on her — but I sorta, kinda wish I had.”


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NeNe continues, “I’m just gonna be honest about that, because I just think some of the things Kenya says is really nasty and really dirty. And I just feel like, girl, you are just — you probably need to be spit on. You just probably need to be. And it may not sound great, but she probably needs to be spit on. And I have no sympathy for her. I just don’t.” Well, damn.

Ok, so to break it down, NeNe is claiming she did the “act of” spitting. However, she didn’t actually spit on Kenya, whatever that is supposed to mean. Where I come from, you either spit on someone or you don’t. There isn’t an “act of”. For her part, Kenya maintains that NeNe did, in fact, spit on her. To which I say, DUH. 


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Despite Kenya’s claims, NeNe remains unbothered, snapping, “Of course she wanted to run with it, and that’s fine by me. I don’t care, girl. Run with it — I only wish I had spit on you, girl.”


[Photo Credit: Bravo]