Season 16 Vanderpump of Dancing with the Stars premiered Monday night. 

While Dancing with the Stars was the most-watched show of the night, with 16.76 million viewers, the season premiere ratings were down 11% compared to last spring's season 14 premiere. Next week's premiere of The Voice should prove to be interesting. I'm curious to learn how many viewers stick with DWTS and how many leave to check out the new mentors on The Voice.
That said, as long as the fabulous Lisa Vanderpump is a-dancing, we'll be a-watching. Lucky us – the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star is blogging about her experience for People Magazine. 
While Lisa isn't complaining about being "wrapped around" her "gorgeous partner" Gleb Savchenko, she revealed that the most enjoyable part of Dancing with the Stars is the camaraderie that she and her competitors share.

"Everybody has so much support for one another," said Lisa. "I have seen tears of frustrations, outbursts due to nervousness, and squeals of laughter as we marvel at this incredible experience." 
Reflecting further on the bond between the stars, Lisa added, "I congregate with my competitors in the tearoom, comparing notes and reassuring each other. I think that it is a unique bonding experience when you are all spending so much time together, trading thoughts and often questioning our insanity." 
Lisa revealed that she practices four to seven hours a day, adding, "I'm learning the routine, stretching, and generally trying to morph into the dancer that I never was!" 
While Lisa thought she would easily be able to schedule the dancing around her already busy life, she quickly realized that wasn't the case. "It really all just takes over your life," Lisa admitted. "I have a newfound respect for the professional dancers as I struggle to reach just a minuscule amount of the perfection they achieve."
Dancing with the Stars has given Lisa a new appreciation for dance. "On the rare occasion when I have had the steps down and all is flowing perfectly, I understand for the first time the incredible feeling it is to dance with somebody – two bodies moving in harmony," Lisa shared. "I encourage you all to at some point give it a try!"
Photo credit: ABC

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