The saga that is Jenelle Evans' tragic life continues to grow more tumultuous by the second. 

Yesterday Jenelle was arrested for 5 criminal charges, including heroin possession and assault. Jenelle's bail was set at $20,260. The Teen Mom 2 star has officially been bailed out of jail and was back on twitter announcing that she was quitting the tweets – again. She tweeted, "Bye Twitter." Then took to tweeting some more. So, if this was your 6th arrest at age 21, would you really be immediately hopping on social media to act like nothing is wrong?

Anyway… North Carolina's Caswell Beach Police Department Chief of Police George Kassler told Celebuzz that Jenelle's husband Courtland Rogers was also arrested. He says the police were called to the scene over a domestic dispute. "They were arrested on the street outside their dwelling," he revealed. 


Courtland was charged with the sale and delivery of a controlled substance and domestic violence. Jenelle claimed he hit her with a closed fist on the head. Police documents reveal they found a number of controlled and illegal substances in the couple's home, including heroin and Percocet. Courtland's bond was set at $20,000. 

Jenelle's ever-busy attorney (she was just praising him on twitter!) Dustin Sullivan confirms the charges to E! News. Jenelle is "very upset. She was crying in court," Mr. Sullivan reveals. "This just happened. She was in bad shape."

Jenelle was released very early this morning. No word on Courtland's status. 

[Credits: North Brunswick County]

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