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Hey guess what I don't believe? That Gretchen Rossi, perpetual spinoff chaser, regrets joining Real Housewives of Orange County

Gretchen recently told KTLA that if she had to go back in time she would pass on signing up for the reality show that made Gretchen Christine Empires available to the world. Gretchen says "100% I wouldn't" sign on again. "From the outside when you first start you think it's gonna be a bowl of cherries, and it's not." 

"It's really tough and to have so many people scrutinize every little aspect of your life and have such strong opinions," Gretchen elaborates. "There's haters and people tweeting you now and with all the social media people can have such quick access to you." 


When asked why she's still there five seasons later, Gretchen says "When I first signed on for the show I had a very clear vision that I was doing this for business opportunities and I've done that." Gretchen credits her "amazing wonderful customers and fans" as the reason she returns season after season. 

“I’ve been on this journey for five years now, and I think you just get to a point where the fans really embrace you and embrace whatever you have going on in your life,” Gretchen explained. "Life isn't always pretty. There are some really tough, hard knocks along the way.”

Oh and in case you're wondering if Gretchen and Slade Smiley's proposal was filmed, Gretchen shares: "You have to tune in and see what happens!" So I'm guessing that means it's the season finale of RHOC! What happened to regretting letting reality TV into her private life?

Moving on, the rumormill is speculating on whether or not Gretchen is knocked up! At a recent pool party in Vegas Gretchen and Slave were reportedly not in the mood to party!

"She and Slade had the option of hitting the town, but they stayed in,” a witness tells Wetpaint. “They said Gretchen wasn’t feeling well.” And despite ordering tequila shots at the pool, Gretchen was observed abstaining. 


“She ordered a kale and goat cheese salad for lunch,” the stalker insider shares. “Then ate pink cotton candy out of a martini glass for dessert.” Well considering Gretchen is obsessed with counting calories maybe she didn't want to waste them on drink where there was candy to be had!

And if Gretchen is pregnant, well those two are really, really working hard to convince Bravo they need a spinoff, aren't they. Considering NeNe Leakes recent warnings that RHOC needs a "recast" I wouldn't put any eggs in that basket, Slaven. 

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