Brandi Glanville and LeAnn Rimes just cannot leave each other alone! Despite promising that she would no longer discuss LeAnn in the media after her book came out, Brandi and LeAnn cannot stop arguing on twitter or in any other public forum. 

The latest drama concerns Brandi's comments about the release of LeAnn's new album, which contains some songs that hint in the not-so-kindly direction of Brandi. 

LeAnn has a great voice, but she needs to work on her songwriting,” the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star says to In Touch. “I’m surprised it’s so bad.”


Brandi also has some advice for ol' LeAnn – get a new subject matter! "She’s not going to win any fans by writing a song about breaking up a family. It’s old news — no one wants to hear you cry over getting everything you wanted,” Brandi complains about the song 'Borrowed.' 

 “If LeAnn wants her career back, she needs better lyrics," Brandi snipes. "These are the worst songs I’ve ever heard. No one wants to listen to this!” Ouch!

Personally I think both these ladies need to move on, but it seems like a publicity stunt at this point. Lame. 

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