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Things certainly haven't been easy for Mob Wives star Renee Graziano, to say the least.  In the last couple seasons of the VH1 hit, her husband helped send her father to jail in exchange for a more lenient sentence, her temper was off the charts, and she admitted she was an addict.

Battling depression and prescription pill addiction, Renee knew she needed to get clean for the sake of her son A.J.  She went to rehab, and reveals that it has helped her get back her life…even if her temper is still frightening and she's paranoid about everything.  She may be learning how to live clean and sober, but I doubt she'll ever learn how to be drama-free!


Watch List News posted a video that highlights Renee's time in rehab which was also captured for the reality show.  Her addiction fed off of her depression, and she explains that she almost felt addicted to feeling down and hopeless.  It was that spiral that caused Renee to want to sleep her way through life, and the prescription pills allowed her to do so while trying to function during her waking hours.  She credits rehab for helping her better cope with her past and giving her the tools to heal old wounds.

Renee has also been able to regain her sense of humor which was on display recently when she threw a dinner event in New York (one where, shockingly, no one busted in anyone else's face).  In Touch shares that Renee's co-star Big Ang was on hand to celebrate with her friend.

Speaking to the magazine, Renee explains that she would never in a million years trade her role as a Mob Wife to be on a Bravo Housewives franchise.  She shares, “I like my life, even though it’s very complicated.  I appreciate (my life) more than ever,” adding, “I think after rehab and after going through all those twists and turns and the divorce with my ex-husband, I think I’m finally in a good place.”


When asked if she'd rather trade places with Teresa Giudice or NeNe LeakesRenee laughs, “I’m no Housewife! I’d rather be on Love & Hip Hop.”  That I'd watch (and I'm assuming she means the Atlanta version)!


Renee realizes there are comparisons between the shows, saying, “I understand the parallels one could make between a Mob Wife and a Real Housewife.  At the end of the day, we’re all mothers and homemakers.”  And, most notably, NOT WIVES (well, at least a lot of them!).

After all the ups and downs she's encountered, Renee feels she's in a great place, stating, “I don’t need to trade places with anyone. I’m happy being me!”


[Photo Credit: Alberto Reyes/WENN.com]

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