Last night's Love & Hip Hop Atlanta had everything you could ask for in a drama…romance, drugs, infidelity, the possibilty of prison, an unexpected proposal, and, of course, boobs.  Lots and lots of boobs.  VH1, you know what viewers want to see! #sarcasm #ican'tunseejoseline'sbathingsuit

Kirk Frost is livid over Rasheeda's mom's mini-van mayhem that ruined a palm tree and set his moped on fire (after running over it multiple times).  He's willing to give his mother-in-law a pass, but had it been anyone else, he'd have come to blows.  Oh yes, Kirk.  You are so tough.  Rasheeda reveals that she's already spoken to an attorney about filing for divorce, and Kirk actually seems surprised.  He loves his wife and his family, and he's not all about those other women.  He reminds her that she kicked him out, but she tells him she didn't tell him to go screw around…she was hoping he'd fight to stay in her life.  Kirk is trying to skew Rasheeda's words to make his behavior at Benzino's cabin…and he's failing miserably.

Erica Dixon and Mimi Faust are commiserating about Lil' Scrappy and Stevie J. both use money for their daughters to keep the women indebted to them.  Erica is sick of Momma Dee, and she's tired of Scrappy always taking his crazy mom's side.  Mimi can relate…after all, the BMW Stevie bought for her definitely had strings attached.  The women continue to share stories and discuss the wonders of a good boob job.  It's perfectly normal conversation for the driving range!


Joseline Hernandez is meeting Stevie for lunch, and she's going on and on about a surprise she has for him.  Stevie looks frightened about what she's about to pull out of her pocketbook.  She shocks him with a plane ticket to Puerto Rico and a wad of cash…for her half of the video she wants him to produce.  At first Stevie is concerned that two days isn't enough time to pull it all together, but Joseline assures him she's got everything under control.  That is all Stevie needs to hear…order the champagne magnums, and he's ready to roll.

Well, not quite…Stevie wants to get things on the straight and narrow with Mimi.  He meets her for a cocktail, and he's hoping that she's over his most recent booty calls.  He reveals that he'll be heading to Puerto Rico to shoot Joseline's video.  Mimi knows that she'd be a fool to try to shut down Stevie's plans.  She gets a cut of everything that Stevie makes off Joseline.  He gifts Mimi with the dollar bills that Joseline gave him earlier.  What Joseline doesn't know won't hurt her as far as Stevie's concerned.  He can do the video on a tighter budget.

Scrappy is giving a statement to the media about his upcoming stint in rehab.  He wants everyone to know that he's not just this to avoid jail…well, maybe.  His attorney explains to Scrappy that he won't have visits or access to his phone for the first few days.  If all goes well, he will be good to go after completing his thirty day stint.


Joseline and Stevie's plane lands in Puerto Rico.  She shares how hard it was growing up in Puerto Rico, and her feelings of being back are bittersweet.  It's really sad to hear how difficult Joseline's life has been, and Stevie is losing his patience…he wants her to be happy, not sad.  He's so understanding.  Stevie wants her to know that he's there to take care of her.  Oh please.  He promises her that he's all the family she needs.  Run, Joseline, run!

Rasheeda needs to get off the Internet.  She's tired of seeing Kirk all over the blogs.  It's humiliating.  Kirk tries to explain that he's just taking pictures with fans–sometimes without his shirt when he's not aware there is a camera present–so as not to seem rude.  Rasheeda reminds him that if she can prove adultery, she can take him to the bank for even more.  What?  Kirk can't believe she would stoop so low…what did he really do that was so bad?  He thinks that Rasheeda needs to buck up and learn how to love her husband.  Is he for real?


Mimi knows exactly what to do with Stevie's money…she's going to fix her girls back to where they were before she nursed Eva for three years.  Erica is joining her friend at her consultation, and enter a handsome plastic surgeon.  He questions her intentions…is there a man for whom she's having the surgery?  Mimi couldn't be more adamant that this surgery is just for her, although she shares that she did spend a good part of her life with a jackass who made her feel inferior.  Good, that's settled!  The surgeon is convinced that Mimi just wants to be happy with herself.  Geez.

Erica is meeting with Scrappy to learn his plans for rehab.  He wants to mend fences with his ex before he heads off to the center, and Scrappy gives her quite a heartfelt apology that moves Erica to tears.  He wants her to seriously reconsider their engagement.  Erica knows better to get her hopes up before she sees some major changes in Scrappy.


It's a sad, sad day when Benzino is the voice of reason.  Kirk confides in his friend that Rasheeda is threatening to divorce him, and Benzino is shocked by his friend's bravado towards his wife.  When Benzino calls out his friend on his behavior, Kirk back pedals, saying that he's really trying to prove himself to Rasheeda.  Um, how so?  Benzino tells his friend he better step up to the plate with designer bags and shoes or find himself a good attorney.

Joseline is over her tears, and she's ready to go full steam ahead with her video shoot.  For the next several minutes, Joseline writhes around in the sand and surf wearing a bathing suit that requires VH1 to do some modesty blurring while lip syncing to her new song.  It's very, hmmm…, artistic?  Meanwhile, in Atlanta, Mimi is preparing to go through her with her boob job.  Wait a second…is her doctor's name J. Curves?  That is totally what his surgical cap says!  While he examines her chest, Mimi calls him Dr. Jamison. Whew.  Thank goodness.


Citing an emergency situation, Karlie Redd decides to hit up her "old pal" (yeah, no) Benzino for help.  When she arrives, he's watching his latest video which features a Joseline look-a-like.  That certainly won't go over well with Stevie.  Karlie has a leaking implant, and she needs Benzino to help her cover a new boob job.  They seem to come to an understanding where she will be nice to him (cough, cough) in exchange for the cash to fix her chest.  Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that agreement the same one made by those practicing the oldest profession?

As night falls in Puerto Rico, Joseline and Stevie are enjoying beach front cocktails.  She's nervous about her impending proposal…as she should be.  Don't do it!  She pulls out a ring and pops the question while Stevie avoids eye contact and chugs his champagne.  Awkward!


Next week, on the season finale (already?), Stevie accepts Joseline's proposal although Benzino's not quite sure his friend gets the gist of the situation.  Kirk tries to win Rasheeda back with copious amounts of helium, and Stevie thinks that a three-way engagement with Mimi and Joseline will receive a warm welcome from both ladies.  He's a trip, no?


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