Love & Hip Hop star Yandy Smith sat down with Delux Magazine for an interview that will appear in their August/September issue, but we have your sneak peek now! 

Yandy on the show and the fans of the show:  “They’re into: who you’re with, what you’re doing with the person you’re with, what club you’re going to, who’s fighting with who… that’s the kind of stuff they’re interested in."  

Yandy says that any drama you get from her is “going to be infused with some work and some business stuff because I’m more about that than anything else. If they could get all of who you’re fighting and who you’re sleeping with, that’s what [the producers] would do. That’s what they would show. But you’re not going to get much of that with me.”  


Yandy also chats about working on building her brand, while the cameras are rolling and in the offseason.  The August/September issue of Delux with Yandy hits newsstands August 1st.

In other Yandy news, she announced today that she has launched a new lifestyle website where she'll talk beauty, fashion and more.   "I'm excited to share YandySmith.com with the world! My life is so full between being a Mom and businesswoman, it will be great to share my life outside of Love & Hip Hop on the site," Yandy shared.

Photo Credit: Delux Magazine

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