So get ready for war!

Shahs of Sunset was supposed to be all about friendships rekindling after a rocking second season of friendships falling apart. Well apparently storylines for the third season have abruptly changed!

First indicator that all was not well? MJ Javid posted a super nasty series of tweets directed at her co-stars. Not only did MJ stand behind her statements, she did not as we initially thought, delete them. Girl is not afraid to speak her mind – so props to that!

In the tweets MJ called GG Gharachedadhi a c-u-next-tuesday! Then she slammed Asa Soltan Rahmati and Reza Farahan and told them to go "f–k" themselves. Ouchy


Well, GG grabbed her wine glass and is fighting back! In a now deleted (for real) Instagram missive, GG accuses MJ of disloyalty. 

"This is for you @mercedesjavid," GG wrote. "You've called me a 'c*nt' amongst many other words in your expansive vocabulary. The worst thing I can say about you is that you've betrayed me as a friend. So yes, I would rather be a c*nt than be disloyal! Loyalty is EVERYTHING!"

The photo that went along with the caption: "Those who don't know the value of loyalty can never appreciate the cost of betrayal." 

"You know who you are bitch! You've over-stepped one too many times but now you will pay," GG also added

Well, this season should be interesting… I'm sad already. 

[Photo Credit: Instagram]

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