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In what can only be the most ridiculous accusation ever lobbed against Bravo, Slade Smiley is accusing the network of doctoring audio footage to make Gretchen Rossi's singing sound worse than it really is!

On this week's episode of Real Housewives of Orange County Gretchen unleashed a torrent of yowling cats upon us as she gushed about recording a special song for Slade that doubled as a proposal. While everyone in the viewing public covered their ears and hid for cover, Gretchen yammered about how Slade loves her singing. 

Well, Slade claims he loves Gretchen's like for realz singing but not the stuff we see on TV! "WHAT is with the Editors that they always make it look like the worst singing ever??" a fan asked Slade on twitter. His response: "sad but its Bravo's formula. They go out if their way to alter the audio. Sucks right!"


Unfortunately we've heard Gretchen "sing" on live-TV and yeah… she sounds that bad. Better luck next time. Oh and that extra-special so super romantical just for Slade song Gretchen has been talking about. Yeah, it's available for sale on iTunes after next week's episode. I'll make sure to avoid that like the plague… 

And in other news, there's been a rumor swirling that Gretchen Christine Cosmetics is being dropped by its suppliers and could soon be unavailable for sale. 

A twitter user recently asked Slade about the availability of Gretchen's makeup

"@GretchenRossi @SladeSmiley G's make up line is no longer taking orders. My insider that is in her camp told me they are making up a story (lie) that all their products are sold out, but the real issue is supposedly suppliers are not happy that funds are going through Slade Slimey’s paypal account."

Slade insists that is not true. "I get a kick out of stupid posts like this. Hundreds of orders ship every month. Happy customers are easy2 find." Not sure who would want make up that makes their skin look like a plastic Barbie doll, but whatever! 

Gretchen's makeup line is still listed for sale on her site, but at one point she was getting sued by her former business partner in the venture over allegations that Gretchen made deals behind her back and liquidated the businesses financial assets. 

Well that's the latest drama with Slave and Gretchen. I'm sure you're all relieved that you got the info!

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