Things certainly seem to be in downward spiral for Real Housewives of New Jersey's Teresa Giudice.  Not only are she and Juicy facing potential decades in prison for multiple counts of fraud, but now Tre's empire could be crumbling around her.  Not only that, she's now being replaced at local meet-and-greets by her family members.  Ouch!

The Christian Post is reporting on the fate of Teresa's many business ventures.  The CEO of Youthful8 which owns Tre's Milania Collection hair care products reveals that he was shocked by the indictments.  He shares, "I will be meeting with Teresa within the next few days to better understand the impact the pending trial will have on her, her family and specifically our brand.  Based on that discussion, we will determine the next steps for The Milania Collection and whether she is the right person to continue to endorse the brand."


Citing the great reception of the products, he admits, "The product line has been met with great success since its launch earlier this year.  Obviously this is a difficult time for the Giudice family and the team at Youthful8 and I wish them the very best."

Thankfully for Teresa, not all her endorsement deals are in jeopardy.  A distributor for her cocktail Fabellini is standing behind the RHONJ star, saying, "She's gonna be a winner."

While she may be a winner in the eyes of the Fabellini crew, Teresa is going to flying under the radar as far as public appearances are concerned.  A Syracuse site confirms that Tre will no longer be attending this year's New York State Fair, and her cousin Kathy Wakile will be there in her place.

The meet-and-greet, which is scheduled for August 23, must go on…or else what would Jill Zarin be doing that night?  A spokesperson for the event explains, "Our contract requires that the promoter provides three past or present 'Real Housewives' for the event, with no names specified.  Kathy Wakile has agreed to appear at the event at the Fair. We look forward to an entertaining show."  And what a show that will be!



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