Bravo's surprising hit Below Deck is taking us inside the world of luxury yacht charters. Despite making me insanely jealous of the guests, I feel nothing but pity for the crew trapped together and forced to cater to every whim of the charter guests. 

And it's enough to make anyone crazy. Clearly. The biggest drama on board so far concerns Kat Held, her love of al-al-al-al-cohol, and her hate of boss Adrienne Gang

“She is absolutely the villain of this show” Kat declares of Adrienne

And Kat is not stopping there! “I found Adrienne to be two-faced,” she explains to In Touch Weekly. “She says she comes across as professional. She was very unprofessional."


"She had poor social skills," Kat adds. "I think she was someone that was difficult to get along with either as a friend or in a work environment. Things were awkward."

“This is Adrienne’s first time being a chief stewardess on a yacht and she’s desperately hoping to succeed," chimes in David Bradberry. "But in doing so, she comes across as this frigid bitch." 

Kat and David say that despite the on-board drama they became super close and bonded through the experience. 

“I love Kat,” David exclaims. “She was always the life of the party and she and I bonded very much.  She was definitely one of my favorites. I think I just related to Kat the most because she was so much fun.”

David "showed me a lot of support,” adds Kat. “I looked up to David for his lifestyle and just how things he did came so easily to him. David is by far my favorite guy on the boat!” 

Personally I think Kat is a bit of a hot mess that needs to be steered towards AA, perhaps. Maybe the lifestyle has taken its toll on her or something. Although I do agree that Adrienne needs to work on her management skills. She's clearly lacking in that department. 

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