Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy's divorce may just be the dirtiest reality TV has ever seen. Possibly… 

Amid their nasty court battle which centers around custody of their daughter Bryn, the former Bethenny Ever After stars have been told by a judge to stop illicitly recording each other in their shared home! Say, whaaaaa?!

Since they separated, Jason has reportedly been making secret audio and video recordings of Bethenny, their nanny, and her Skinnygirl staff. Oh yeah, she still 'runs her empire' out of their Tribeca loft. Riiiiigggght! Even more, a source tells TMZ that Jason has somehow procured access to Bethenny's email to further monitor her! Is Jason trying to get a job with the CIA? 


Bethenny admitted recently that she often stays in hotels and with Warren Lichenstein at friends' houses to avoid the stress, but perhaps girl oughtta stay home a little more to keep tabs on ol' Jason! The source insists, however, that Bethenny has never stooped to recording him. Yeah right. Instead she's just gone the direct route of trashing her marriage to the media! Jason allegedly sought a gag order against Bethenny, but that did not stop her. 

Unfortunately for Jason his days of playing secret agent man are coming to an end – a judge ordered both parties to stop with recordings and put a ban on using cell phones or computers to monitor and record each other. And this includes spying on the nanny! Also, no email hacking, either. Dang – so boring! 

Even worse, the couple who, just had a tense meeting in court last week with no resolve, has to turn over any video or audio recordings to the judge by October 15th. Why is this not a reality show?! Dropping the ball Andy Cohen… 

Oh! Oh! And it gets worse…  Things are constantly tense between the estranged couple with Jason trying to make Bethenny's life miserable because she refuses to accept joint custody of Bryn! Serves her right – paybacks a bitch! “They hardly speak to each other, but when they do, it’s nasty,” an insider disclosed to Radar Online. 

The couple continues to argue – which means nothing has changed from the days when they were actually playing husband and wife on television – and they are fighting dirty! Suuuper dirty, but hey the truth hurts! 

“During a recent argument, Jason accused Bethenny of using him as a sperm donor in order to have Bryn. Jason was pushed over the edge because Bethenny is going forward with her plans to win sole custody of Bryn.”

I would say not only did she use Jason as a sperm donor, but as a spinoff procurer. Bethenny knew getting pregnant and married and doing the whole happily ever after thing would guarantee she could escape Real Housewives of New York and propel her popularity into a solo gig. It's allllwaaaays allll about Bethenny! 

The source quickly adds that Bethenny is delusional and Jason would never agree to her custody demands. “In what world does Bethenny live in where she thinks Jason would just walk away from Bryn?" 

"It’s clear to Jason that Bethenny, once she had their child, she got what she wanted from the relationship and she walked away,” the insider claims. "She can’t steamroll Jason." Good job, Jason!

As for why Jason is still wearing his ring – he was photographed in it just last week – it's an act of revenge! “He remains married and it irks Bethenny that Jason continues to wear it," the source says. "Anything he can do to push her buttons, it’s being done."

Two comments: 1) it's clear that Bethenny's camp planted the story to TMZ. 2) It's clear Jason's camp planted the story to Radar. The big thing however is that Bethenny needs to relent in her demands to seek sole custody. Jason is a good father – and she knows it. By attempting to manipulate the relationship he has with Bryn and control their interactions, she's being incredibly selfish. 

I hope that this situation resolves soon for Bryn's sake. And I hope Bethenny AND Jason grow. up. Also, I hope people continue to not watch Bethenny's show because she's a liar face. 

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