The Real Housewives of Miami - Season 3

It seems some ladies on Real Housewives of Miami want to stage a coup and overthrow the Mayor of Miami, Lea Black

"The bus that's running over me this week is leaking hot air, not water," Lea announces in her Bravo blog before launching into a discussion about the devious deeds of her castmates. 

First up: Adriana de Moura! "Adriana still takes no responsibility for anything, she blames Frederic for the non-wedding marriage and even blames me for her problems with Joanna [Krupa]," Lea begins.


"Joanna is the bigger person once again — she decides to call for peace with Adriana, and if I recall everything that has happened up until now was Adriana’s doing: the slap, ugly tweets, and lies."

"Adriana is only an hour late to the peace invitation, guess it’s better than making it to the alter five years after being married, LOL!" #shade #GloriousShade 

"She clings to her story of not being married and tries to burn a past that speaks louder than her denial," Lea adds. "I would have preferred she donated the wedding dress to charity and burned her bridge with the hate gang." True that, Lea! Plus, as someone who allegedly needed charity for a long time Adriana should be empathetic! 

So I take it Lea isn't disappointed she was left off the guest list for Adriana's low-rent bachelorette party?

Moving on to Alexia Echevarria, Lea is equally exasperated! "Alexia never misses an opportunity to throw me under the bus, perpetrate a lie about me, or try to make me look bad." 

Lea is most puzzled by Alexia's two-faced nature. "She could of course ask me for my side of a story…but then how could she justify her comments and keep the haters happy? It is all behind my back of course — to my face she is always lovely and 'never allows anyone to ever say anything bad about me' — because she 'loves me and we are friends.' 

Despite the bad vibes coming her way, Lea is optimistic about the future. "The haters never miss an opportunity to try to make me look uncaring or lie about me," Lea describes. And referring to Mama Elsa, Lea assures us she definitely called! "Hopefully the next few episodes will reveal the truth about me reaching out many times to my friend when she fell ill." 

[Photo Credit: Tommy Garcia/Bravo]

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