The Real Housewives of Miami - Season 3

Lea Black is having a rough season! It seems everyone is turning on her faster than a Birkin lock! 

The Real Housewives of Miami star takes to her blog to discuss being target by the "Hate Club" and give her two cents on all the drama with Marysol Patton and Mama Elsa

"I have reached out to Elsa many times with cards, calls, and flowers that can be verified by florists, and I sent an email to her daughter, who never replied back," Lea maintains. 

"The amount of camouflaged and blatant hatred, venom, lies, bitterness, and phoniness that spews out at me each week says more about anyone than I could ever say," Lea adds. "It’s unfortunate you can't go to a party of 'friends' without being a target." Um… welcome to the Real Housewives franchise! 


Furthermore, Lea denies having a deep relationship with Elsa despite Marysol's accusation. "I never had any spiritual conversations or advice from Elsa other than Season 1 when she sat at a dinner table and gave all the girls her opinion on each of us. And by the way, she said nice things about me."

"I was not scared of or running away from anyone at Alexia [Echevarria]’s birthday party. I went and dropped off a gift for her and Herman, said my hellos, and was on my way. Then along came confrontation."

"Once again, I do not find it appropriate to have a confrontation in front of bystanders at a birthday party. Especially a contrived and unnecessary one," Lea continues "Alexia again prefers to gain points with the hate club rather than find out what is going on or give me the benefit of the doubt. And others will do anything for attention."

On the positive, Lea is appreciative of Joanna Krupa and Lisa Hochstein for being true friends. 

Lastly Lea denies that she used Alexia's birthday as an excuse to sell her skin care line. "The purpose of her [Alexia] stopping by was so we could confirm that she would model my Sudden Youth skincare facial for my up and coming skincare presentation, and I wanted to walk her through what to expect." 

Well, I have to say Lea is definitely this season's "target" but every girl gets her turn in the hot seat, right?!

Adding:  Lea Black's friend Frankie uploaded a tacky Keek video making fun of Mama Elsa (and appears to have filmed it at Lea's place in L.A.).  Check out here.

[Photo Credit: Tommy Garcia/Bravo]

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