MTV's Typhani Morgan desperately wants us to know that Big Tips Texas has heart. AWW. She insists her Redneck Heaven reality show isn't all about fights and drama,  and then she and Morgan Adler endlessly talk about the catty girl drama on Big Tips Texas.

Clear as rodeo mud?

"A lot of other reality shows rely on cat fights and feuding to draw in viewers," says Typhani.  "Our show, yes we have drama, but there's a lot of heart that goes into it. It makes it really relatable instead of just cat fights all the time."


Morgan, the rodeo girl with a pregnant goat, is my favorite newbie. She's self-assured and spunky. Morgan thinks catty girl drama is inevitable.

"Things happen that you get annoyed with," says Morgan. "There's definitely a lot of drama that comes with working with ten girls all day and it changes day to day.  The drama gets old sometimes, but at the end of the day you do care for every single one of the girls." 

Morgan reveals that she and Amber "Sexy Kitty" Rosales continue to butt heads all season, adding, "We just have such different personalities." 

Typhani, the manager, whines about the discord between the newbies and the veterans. Oh. Please. She adds fuel to that fire by favoring the veterans. 

"We struggle with the divide between the newbies and the vets, and that wears on me," says Typhany. "If I could get the new girls to be adopted into the sisterhood more quickly instead of worrying about competition and trying to prove that they're better than the girls who have been there longer, that would be good."

Typhani makes it her goal to bring the veterans and newbies together. "You'll have to watch the show to see how I push these girls to the limit," she teases. "I definitely come up with scenarios to connect them." 

Activities to bring the girls together? Sounds like the time Typhani invited all the girls to her boyfriend's boat, then she planted herself among the veterans and laughed while they mocked the new girls. What a morale booster she is! 


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