Big Tips Texas

MTV's newest reality show Big Tips Texas follows the lives of four veteran and six newbie waitresses and bartenders at a bar named Redneck Heaven, where the goal is to make the customers feel "happy and horny". 

A sneak peek aired earlier this week. I watched, um, cause it's my job.  (That's my story and I'm sticking to it!)  Big Tips Texas is obviously a reality TV knock-off of Coyote Ugly and totally trashy TV at its finest.  I'm hooked already, um, cause I have no standards. (That's the truth!)

According to MTV, we can expect to see the Big Tips Texas ladies "evolve, shift, and grow as they work and party their way through the drama and adventure of figuring out who they are and where they're going."  Giddy up!



Typhani – a veteran – is the envy of all the Redneck girls.

She works in the corporate office of Redneck Heaven. Being the boss of the girls is exhausting, and Typhani almost always has to put her foot down to keep the girls in line.

Also, Typhani is dating the owner of Redneck Heaven, so she gets to wear real clothes while doing less work. Score! 


Amber – a veteran – has been with Redneck Heaven since opening day. 

When she isn't chatting up the customers, she is usually causing a ruckus. Amber can be a handful at times, but when it comes down to it, she is an extremely loyal friend who would do anything for any one of her redneck girls.

Also, Amber refers to herself as "Sexy Kitty" when she's drunk, which seems to be most of the time. She likes to say "butter my ass and call me biscuit". 


Claire – a veteran – is one of Redneck Heaven's best bartenders. 

She is one of Typhani's best friends.  Claire loves bartending so much that she even turned down an opportunity to work in the corporate office. She can be tough as nails yet knows how to turn on her seductive charm.


Sabrina – a veteran – has her sights set on Harvard Law School. 

She scored the opportunity to attend pre-law classes at Harvard while in high school, and she dreams of one day returning to college. Sabrina pulls extra shifts to make that dream a reality.

Also, Sabrina's family is not supportive of her college aspirations.


Kristyn – a new girl – is one determined girl with big dreams. 

Since she needs Redneck money to start her own clothing line, she'll either make use of her marketing degree and work her way up into the corporate offices of Redneck or continue waitressing. Kristyn's determined to make it!

Also, Kristyn toasts to "weaves" a lot. 


Morgan – a new girl – longs to be a barrel racer in the rodeo.

But, without a horse or professional training, she won't be able to compete. Morgan is banking on the big tips she's making at Redneck to help pay for the essentials she'll need to make her dream come true.

Also, Morgan does not like Amber – the feeling is mutual – and she delivers the best line in the premiere.   "Take your ghetto ass hoops out, you trashy ass bitch."   A girl fight ensues.


Mimi – a new girl – is saving money for college.

She's beautiful, bubbly, and pint sized. But, don't let Mimi's small size fool you, she can be one feisty chick.


Jillian – a new girl – loves working at Redneck Heaven.

She is as real as it gets and won't sugar coat anything that comes out of her mouth.  Jillian is playing the field and having the time of her life doing it.


Macy – a new girl – is a typical Texas girl.

She knows her way around a farm, firearms, and isn't afraid of stepping in and eating cow pie. Macy wants to obtain a degree in biology and pursue a career in research.


Mercedez – a new girl – is not a country girl and hates the outdoors.

She loves working at Redneck Heaven because the money is great. It pays the bills. Mercedez is as sassy as they come and always down to have a good time with her Redneck girls. Her BFF is Jillian.


Big Tips Texas premieres Wednesday, October 9 on MTV.



Photo credit: MTV

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