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So, Alexia Echevarria – is she or isn't she? In the We Hate Lea Black Club, that is?

Sometimes the Real Housewives of Miami castmates seem friendly-ish, as in the get along to get along and sometimes Alexia seems to positively despise Lea and feel forced to maintain a public friendship for the sake of convenience. Yet she still refers to her as a 'friend'. 

"Aren't you happy that we all finally seem to be getting along and moving forward? I sure am! I've tried not to get involved and respect all the ladies feelings and opinions in regards to their personal situations and friendships," Alexia begins in her Bravo blog. 

Apparently Alexia understands why everyone is still annoyed with Lisa Hochstein, however, despite that they're all friends now, or something. 


"I know Lisa has tried to help and bring Adriana [de Moura] and Lea together, but it's not until now that they were ready and I respect that. Time heals all wounds. I also understand Lea getting annoyed by Lisa always trying  to butt in and force things to happen," Alexia shares. "Joanna [Krupa] may have overreacted a bit with Lisa, but I also understand her and her feelings. You cannot make people think and feel like you."

Speaking of which Alexia feels Lisa is actually hindering, not helping when it comes to Joanna and Adriana"I feel Joanna wants to move forward with Adriana, but every time she's reminded about the things Adriana has said in the past she explodes and that stops her." 

"Honestly, life goes on. We all have our issues and concerns. Mine are just a little different. I don't sweat the small things in life anymore." And since she doesn't sweat the small stuff she was happy to support Lea's handbag launch and her newly decorated home. 

"I'm very excited for Lea being that she doesn't like fashion, but her handbags are very fashionable," Alexia lies. "I feel terrible that all that drama had to happen during her debut. Lea handled it well, and like I said about my Venue cover party drama, it's just another reason for people to talk about it! Ha!"

"The unveiling of the ball room at Lea's house was lots of fun. All the ladies were in a good mood and in a much better place with each other, and you can tell," Alexia concludes. "The evening turned out to be everything I hoped for… resolution and no drama! I'm glad Lea was able to enjoy her own party being that there's always drama and confrontation circling her." 

Well hopefully Alexia is being sincere, although this being Housewives I have my doubts!

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