Are you looking forward to season three of Shahs of Sunset? We are! 

Reality Tea had the pleasure of chatting with Golnesa “GG” Gharachedaghi about the new season. She's really looking forward to it!

"I’m excited about this season because I think people will get to see a new side of me that hasn’t been that evident in past seasons,"  shared GG.  "I’m hoping the audience will see a more compassionate side of me."

GG went on to talk a little bit about Shahs of Sunset's effect on the Persian image and lessons learned, as well as costars Mercedes "MJ" Javid, Lilly Ghalichi, and Asa Soltan Rahmati.


Overall, what can we expect from season three of Shahs of Sunset?

You can expect a lot of drama, emotion and a few surprises. That’s all I can tell you.

According to Bravo's teasers, problems arise between you and MJ this season. Can you elaborate on that? Is there anything you feel you may have said or done to cause the fallout with MJ? 

I will always love MJ no matter what, but we have a lot of ups-and-downs in our relationship. I don’t think you can pinpoint our problems to one particular moment or something one of us said. In many ways, we sort of complement each other. I wish I was more like her in certain ways and I think she’d say she wishes she were more like me in certain ways. This season will have a lot of action between me and MJ.

Are you excited or nervous about the premiere? Where will you be watching it, and with whom?

I’m excited about this season because I think people will get to see a new side of me that hasn’t been that evident in past seasons. I’m hoping the audience will see a more compassionate side of me. I’ll be watching the premiere with friends and loved ones.

Will GG's Extensions be featured on the show this season? Any new business ventures for you?

GG’s Extensions is still going strong and hopefully you’ll see some of that in the show this season. I have a few other things going on, but nothing I’m ready to talk about just yet.

Out of your Shahs of Sunset co-stars, who is the most generous? Who would you rather be stuck on a deserted island with, and why?

Lilly is the most generous. She's always prepared to help in any way and is very supportive.

I'd choose to get stuck on a deserted island with Asa because I’ll be freaking out that I'm stuck on an island and she's the only one that knows how to center me and gives me positive thoughts.

What other reality TV shows do you enjoy? Do you have a favorite Bravolebrity? 

I watch most of the Housewives shows. I don’t really have a  favorite person. I probably identify more with the ones who are bitches.

Who or what inspires you? 

I’m inspired by people who are loyal and confident – and who know what they want and go after it. There are too many people out there who don’t know what they want. 

Where do you see yourself in five years?

I see myself with a great man and lots of kids living in a nice house with a white picket fence!

Do you think Shahs of Sunset has had a positive or a negative effect on the Persian image?

I think it’s had a very positive effect. At first before the show aired, the idea of it got many Persians upset. But now that everyone has seen it, we get a lot of support from the Persian community. People who watch the show get to learn about the Persian culture and how beautiful it is. I think it’s also important for people to remember that the show is not about Persians; it’s about a group of friends who happen to be Persian.

Looking back at seasons one and two, do you feel you've been edited fairly?

Like I said, I’m excited about season 3 because I think people will get to see a side of me that hasn’t gotten much airtime on the show so far. It’s hard when they tape hours and hours of footage and it all has to be edited down to an hour. There are always things that you wish were included, but for whatever reason aren’t. Obviously my temper is going to get airtime on a reality show!

What has been the best and the worst thing about being on the show so far? 

The best thing about being on the show is the love we get from fans. It’s very humbling when people you don’t know come up to you on the street and tell you how much they love you.

I guess if I had to pick one thing that is a downside to being on a reality show is people are very quick to make judgments about who you are.

What is the biggest lesson you've learned from doing reality TV? 

All bets are off. You never know what is going to happen next and you have to make sure to always be true to yourself and stand your ground.

Do you ever regret doing Shahs of Sunset?

Not really. There were maybe a few times where it all got to be a bit much, but it’s really no different than any other job in that respect.  You have good days and not so good days.

Shahs of Sunset returns Tuesday, November 5 on Bravo. I'm anxious to find out what brought on the GG and MJ feud. 


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