Shahs of Sunset has been busy filming their third season. With last season ending in what seemed like a hot mess of fractured friendships (and Reza Farahan's atrocious treatment of Mercedes Javid) this season has been slated for a more positive direction. 

Sadly, it's also slated for a whole new slew of made-for-TV manufactured products. Let the Bravo Home Shopping Network commence. Which means we get to see Asa Soltan Rahmati launching the much anticipated Diamond Water. We all laughed… And then it became a reality! 

Evoking us to "manifest our destiny" reality television's own Persian Pop Priestess has gotten herself another job. Purifier, as in water purified with diamonds. Oh help me – you're not even rich. Asa hosted a huge launch party for her product this week which was attended by the Shah's crew (except it doesn't seem like MJ was there…) and Bravo cameras. A whole host of photos are below! 

TamaraTattles got the scoop on what else we can expect for the rest of the season. 


Asa will be launching her water and continuing with her um… "music". She'll also be revealing more of her relationship with Jermaine "Daddy" Jackson. Jermaine's aunt LaToya Jackson made an appearance at Asa's party but it's uncertain if Jermaine will be filming for Shahs. I expect him to make an appearance or two… especially if he has something to sell or promote.

MJ is apparently making amends this season but also continuing to open herself up to the idea of a relationship. After ending last season in therapy with her mom, hopefully she's made some progress. MJ will also be working on her career after Reza sabotaged it by accusing her of being an unprofessional drug addict who never actually shows up to work or sells anything. 

Moving on, Lilly Ghalichi and her hammed up glam is back. Ugh. Her storyline this season revolves around actually consuming a calorie. Lilly will undergo a 'quarter life crisis' and her 30th birthday party (which may or may not have been a complete bust!) was filmed for the season. 

Reza is still with his boyfriend and they are working on enhancing their relationship. Rumor has it he and MJ will work through their issues. I think he's also still selling real estate with Mike Shouhed, who posed for Playgirl, promotes a skin care line, and will be getting engaged to Jessica, his non-Persian, non-Jewish Italian love who also happens to be very wealthy. That's convenient!

And finally, GG Gharachedaghi​. Golnessa is toning it down this season. And hopefully that means spending less time with the booze. After her brief engagement to Omid, she has a new man and a happy relationship. She's also working hard at her extension line which means she's rocking her first real job. I assume that means things are continuing to improve with her sister. 

Shahs of Sunset wraps up filming for the third season soon. Photos of the cast at Asa's event are below. I have to ask… is Diamond the new BLK – water, that is?

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When two famewhores collide… Reza and LaToya at the Diamond Water launch

mike-shahsMike (I believe he's shooting his Shah's promo photo!)


GG imbibes Diamond Water and lives to tell about it… 

diamond-waterThe party!

diamond-water-lillyLilly, who appropriately wore diamonds

diamond-water-lilly-ghalichi#GhalichiGlam, aka Persian Pageant Barbie with a side of refried tacky

diamond-water-ggSooo fancy!

diamond-water-asa2Asa's glam

diamond-water-asa1More Asa

asa-diamond-waterThe Diamond Water bottle.