Seeing as how no one cares that she has the biggest boobs in the free world and her overdose on plastic surgery is old news, Heidi Montag is trying something new to get attention. Reversing said bad idea surgery! Her reason: it's causing her to have health problems. You don't say… 

Heidi had her massive F sized boobs reduced to a D, and of course filmed the surgery for ET News. 

Mrs. Spencer Pratt admits that the massive implants were a serious error in judgment. "I do regret getting the implants. My new doctor was like, 'You should never have been allowed by the doctor to get implants this big. … I put my security and sexuality in my breast size instead of my confidence." 


"Sometimes when I'm sitting there my breasts hurt so bad, I just wanna like rip them off," the former Hills star confesses about some of the chronic health issues she has experienced as a result of the faulty plastic surgery she got four years ago. "I wasn't warned by my doctor, at all, about the repercussions." 

The 27-year-old also reveals she has chronic back pain, shoulder problems, a ruptured disc in her neck, muscular and spinal damage to her back, and numbness in her arm due to pinched nerves. The numbness is apparently caused by the weight of the implants, which Heidi estimates is about 3lbs each. 

Heidi says "with gravity" the implants are falling a little more each year and it's becoming "more time sensitive and severe" for her to get the reduction, so once the TV deal was in place she decided to go under the knife yet again! Apparently Heidi wanted to get them removed almost immediately, but didn't for some reason.

Seeing the old implants beside her on the operating table after the procedure, Heidi groans, "What a nightmare!" Heidi is thrilled with the results and swears this is her final plastic surgery. Personally even the Ds look too big on her body. "I feel really great. And I'm really relieved that that burden is literally lifted off my chest," she says. 

You can see a video of Heidi's experience on etonline.com. 

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