Shahs Of Sunset - Season 3

Last week's  season premiere of Shahs of Sunset  focused primarily on the forever annoying and snobbish Lilly Ghalichi. The only good thing about that single focus? Very little airtime for the other obnoxious Shahs, such as Reza Farahan. Or Asa Soltan Rahmati. I'm in no hurry to hear her Diamond Water and Persian Pop Priestess nonsense.

But, if you're an Asa lover, I have a very special interview to share with you. If you're not an Asa lover, I have a very special interview to share with you too.

Speaking to metro.usAsa said her nutso Diamond Water experience has been amazing, though her naysayer Shahs of Sunset co-stars haven't been 100% supportive of her vision. "No, there was definitely some hater-ation, and some naysayers talking shit," she said. "I’m a survivor and everything I have, I have worked hard for. Diamond Water is my dream, nobody else has to believe in it except for me, so I don’t care what other people say."


Asa continued, "Diamond water is not just a spinoff of the Bravo show, where somebody just puts his or her name on a product. This is really my baby. This season you will see, from A to Z, how I struggled in creating the business and everything else that goes into the really intimate process of making Diamond Water. The cameras were with me the whole way, so you really get to see the unfolding of Diamond Water, and how it went from just a concept to a full-on tangible product."

Moving onto my second favorite Asa topic, the Persian Pop Priestess.

"I learned at young age that we have so much that makes us who we are – the main things are love and humanity – but mainly love,"  shared Asa.  "I kind of became a spiritual gangster really early on.  The Priestess is really a spiritual gangster.  Love by all means necessary.  Not in that weird hippie way, but in a true, primal way."

Asa also dished about the upcoming season, including the cast's emotionally charged trip to Turkey, and her reconciliation with GG Gharachedaghi.

"This season is seriously epic,"  promised Asa.  "When I do my art show, it deals with the three phases of my life and of my childhood.  I basically worked with old family pictures and I projected the images through a video projector and danced in front of it.  It was a personal piece for me and propelled me to organize a family reunion in Turkey with my family that’s still in Iran."

About the trip, Asa added, "Reza [Farahan], my mom, and myself actually got smuggled to the Iranian border and cried our eyes out. It was a really emotional experience, and just a snippet of how crazy this season is." 

Last week, GG took the blame for everything that went wrong between her and Asa last season, and she apologized. While it was a nice – and necessary – gesture on GG's part, I was annoyed by how one-sided the apology was. Asa really thinks she's perfectly innocent.  

"I think that last season was really hard for her," Asa said about GG. "I think that she learned consequences. People don’t think she has changed, but her and I are in a really good place and I see her like a little sister. I’m really big on giving people second chances and forgiving people when they truly know what went down. I can’t hold a grudge."

Must be nice to be perfect 24/7/365, huh?  That's enough Asa for now… 

On tonight's episode of Shahs of SunsetAsa runs into issues with her nutso Diamond Water,  Reza and Adam decide to move in together,  and tempers flare when Lilly and MJ Javid come face-to-face for the first time since Lilly's birthday party. Also, we see GG and now ex-boyfriend Sean Sette together for the first time, when she asks him to make a bigger commitment to her. We all know how that turned out.

Reality Tea will be live-tweeting the madness. Join us!


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