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Who can keep up with the ever-changing stories of Kim Kardashian and her kemistry-challenged love Kanye West. Seriously… Bound 2… cannot recover from the travesty. 

But aside from all that, Kim and Kanye believe you want to see more of their photoshopped and forced relationship on TV, which is why they're probably planning a televised wedding. Of course. Somewhere Kris Jenner is STILL jumping up and down for joy! 

Kanye has apparently had quite the change of heart since wanting Kimmie to share less of her personal life, because now he is definitely Keeping Up With The Kardashians

Kanye, of course, has a lot of parameters about how a filmed wedding would go down. "If they choose to film the wedding, it will be filmed by them, not a TV crew. And they'd sell it to a network," a source tells Us Weekly.


As for details on the big day, a rep for the couple insists no date has been set yet and the wedding will be "magnificent" but "on the small side." Well if the proposal is any indication of what the big day is like I predict on the small side will turn into a massive mega-event filmed by E! 

In other Kimye news, the couple is expanding on their Bound 2 disaster by filming more stuff together – including a potential movie! Oh please no… well maybe yes – think of the potential for laughing! 

 “Kanye wants to work with his wife and incorporate her into his work. He likes how Kris gets to work with her family every day and gets paid for it," a source told In Case You Didn't Know. "He sees that love, happiness and business mindset she has and thinks it’s brilliant.”

Of course the real reason Kanye wants Kim to star with her is kontrol over her and her kareer. “If he’s approached to do a movie or something, best believe Kim’s going to be in it too," the source adds. "He controls his videos, so that’s a no-brainer. He will have Kim in future ones that he does. Believe that.” Well that's some kinda two-fer… BOGO – Like Payless! 

And finally, with all Kim's working out and losing weight like the totally healthy non-surgical way along with globetrotting and jet-setting to support Kanye's career and starring in all his totally fabulous amazingly high budget music videos, it's surprising that she has time to help those in need. But she does! Cause she's a good person y'all! So benevolent. 

Kimmie announced on twitter that you can buy some of her fashion flops (or perhaps remnants of the closet clean out Kanye made her endure) on an eBay auction to benefit the Philippines through International Medical Corps.

Screen Shot 2013-11-22 at 1.02.02 PM

Kim has done this before and there has been much suspicion over just how much of the proceeds are actually making it to the recipients in need. One report stated a mere 10% was actually going towards the intended cost. I suppose any is better than none though, right… 

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