Shahs of Sunset obviously tried to hitch a ride on the Real Housewives of Atlanta ratings train last night – lucky us! The bonus episode began with Mike Shouhed talking to his brother about Reza Farahan at Club Nur.  Mike says he's disappointed in Reza and thinks it's best for Reza to sit out the club's float in the Gay Pride parade. 

As I expected, Reza lashes out at Mike, "How audacious are you to call me to uninvite me to a disgusting float that's an embarrassment to the gay community. I am disgusted." Reza hangs up on Mike, returns to asking Mirror, Mirror who is the finest gay Persian in all of L.A.

Reza later tells Adam that he's furious with Mike – how dare he be excluded from an event?!?  But Reza had no issues cheering on his co-stars as they uninvited Mercedes "MJ" Javid and Golnesa "GG" Gharachedaghi from trips and parties last season. Reza tells Adam he needs time to decompress, which is code for, perfect a sob story that'll help justify his repugnant behavior.



Asa Soltan Rahmati takes a break from inventing water to spend time with her mother. Poor Zinat. She just wants to eat her Cheetos in peace, and Asa's all up in her kitchen, preaching about the Earth's bounty. Zinat has a sermon of her own to share, "Sound of the Cheetos bag is the sound of love. I feel a little fat, I go to the liposuction." I love her!

A determined Asa juices organic vegetables and forces the drink on her mom. Zinat takes one sip, compares it to vomit and diarrhea, and pours it down the drain. Asa squawks, "That's my hard work!" Who is she trying to fool? Like Asa knows what hard work feels like.

Mike, who thinks he's the head bitch in charge this week, decides MJ should not ride on Club Nur's float either.  Mike chastises MJ for verbally attacking Sasha. MJ tells Mike that he's walking on thin ice, adding, "I stand up for my friends first, ask questions later."  MJ pledges her loyalty to Reza, no matter the situation.

A toned down Lilly Ghalichi meets with a rep for Long Hair Don't Care, a t-shirt brand, because they want her to join their company. They're offering her a six-figure salary, as well as equity in the company, to help revamp and refresh their brand. Lilly knows it's a conflict of interest, especially since they're looking to branch out into swimwear, but she's flattered. Lilly knows she's fabulous and now she knows that they know she's fabulous. All is right in Lilly's world. 

Worth noting: Lilly loses the Valley Girl schtick when she's talking business.


Mike, Jessica, GG, and Asa are off to the Gay Pride parade. The lack of clothing gets GG riled up, she's definitely enjoying the eye candy. Mike gives credit where credit is due, saying some of the men dressed as women are better looking than the women dressed as women. (Cough-Asa-Cough)

So, they run into Lilly, who just happens to be wearing a mic pack on the side of the road. Everyone has a great time riding the float during the parade – and there's no drama! But Lilly and Asa both look ridiculous. 

After the parade, Asa, Lilly, and GG meet Sasha, and they ask him questions about what went down with Reza at the club. Mike shuts them down because Reza isn't there to protect himself. Um, what? Mike needs to take a seat. Sasha doesn't need his permission to tell his side of the story.

Asa is anxious to talk to Reza about the incident because she's having a hard time believing Reza said such hateful things to Sasha and Salman. "Reza doesn't like Sasha," explains Mike. "He doesn't like how he expresses himself." But sniffing the armpits of guys half your age is just fine in Reza's book? He's such a hypocrite.

They all say goodbye to Sasha (and his butt cheeks) and head to a pool party. That sounds like fun, so Lilly's out. She's allergic to fun. 


In the end, Asa reaches out to Reza. She misses him.

Reza seems to let his guard down around Asa. She's feeling his energy, we're seeing his hair dandruff. Reza admits Sasha didn't do anything wrong other than trigger a pain inside of him. "Imagine growing up where a fake life and suicide were your only two options for 20 years of your life," cries Reza. "You could never understand the toll that takes." 

Reza knows he needs help for the demons inside of him which cause him to be so hateful towards others. However, he also makes excuses for his behavior, such as a lack of gay Persian role models and growing up without a roadmap for life. Reza adds that Sasha can't understand what he's been through.

Asa and Reza hug it out. The end.


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