Earlier this week MTV confirmed the much suspected cancelation of Teen Mom 3. The much lower drama of trainwreck favorites TM1 & TM2 was a ratings snooze for the network. 

"MTV will not be moving forward with a second season of Teen Mom 3," a network representative confirmed. "We’re thankful to Briana, Katie, Mackenzie, Alex and their families for sharing their stories as they navigate young parenthood and for helping to have a positive impact on the importance of teen pregnancy prevention.

Despite the lackluster storylines, one of the castmembers was definitely a lightening rod for controversy: Mackenzie Douthit! Now seven-months pregnant with her second baby, a daughter, with baby-daddy-turned-husband Josh McKee, the diabetic former cheerleader is often criticized for her choices. 


After Alex Sekella's ex-boyfriend Matt McCann revealed on twitter that Mackenzie and Josh's wedding was filmed for the network, he theorized that TM3 would return with either Mackenzie landing a spinoff or with the network airing a special focusing on the event. 

"Kenzies wedding was filmed," Matt shared"Teen Mom was cancelled and they're taping now.. so, there's that..," he added. 

Well, a spokesperson for MTV denies that, telling Us Weekly there is "no truth" to the rumors that Mackenzie will be getting her own show. 

Hmm… I'm not sure I believe this. I could totally see them filming a wedding/birth of second baby special with Mackenzie and depending how ratings go turning it into a show.

Meanwhile MTV has plans to continue with their highly successful 16 & Pregnant franchise and a 5th season of Teen Mom 2.  

[Photo Credit: Twitter]

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