MTV Cancels Teen Mom 3; Cast Offends Kail Lowry And Jenelle Evans On Twitter


MTV has pulled the plug on Teen Mom 3 after one season. Briana DeJesus, Katie Yeager, Mackenzie Douthit, and Alex Sekella took to Twitter over the weekend to share the news and express their disappointment.


Briana added, "We were all shocked but I'm glad I was given a chance to share my story and change others! That's all that matters. Time to move on from MTV and do bigger and better things, and no, I don't mean become a porn star." 

No Princess Briana: Couch Bound Teen Mom to look forward to?  Bummer. 


After a bit of "get over yourself" backlash, Briana tweeted, "Nobody is mad. We just thought it would only be fair to end on a good note for the fans! Not just quit with unanswered questions."  HAHA – as if any of these fame seeking girls would leave questions unanswered on Twitter!

Mackenzie wrote that she was shocked – short and sweet – but Mom Angie had a few opinions to share. "I'm very sad MTV chose to cancel," she tweeted. "I wanted to keep sharing my faith on TV and Mack wanted to share her struggles with diabetes. All four girls are overcomers! Isn't that what America needs? Not more druggies. We need positive examples."

Alex shared her opinion on why Teen Mom 3 was canceled:


Alex added, "Jenelle [Evans] makes Teen Mom 2 – only reason ppl watch is to see her fail."  When a fan pointed out Alex was "screaming and being a train wreck" the majority of her time, Alex countered, "I at least better myself. She's going into season 5 a mess. I at least got help for my anger." 

It didn't take long for Jenelle to sniff out the drama. "All u Teem Mom 3 ladies can put me down all you want, yr not making yourself look any better. Let it go. Thanks to the Teen Mom 3 ladies who haven’t bashed me, very appreciated." 

Jenelle continued on about her miracle story:


Then, Alex and Briana began to argue with fans over whether or not Mack's current pregnancy was the reason for the cancelation, and Kail Lowry jumped in. Briana pointed out that both Kail and Leah Calvert got pregnant again and Teen Mom 2 returns next month for its fifth season. Alex, the one who never knows when to shut up, added "at least" Mackenzie's "married and graduated with a Cosmo degree and two kids with the same dad." 

Kail responded, "I can't help but be a little offended by some of the things the girls of TM3 are saying.  The fact that my kids have different fathers has nothing to do with anything. I still graduated, work, and am married.  We're supposed to be an MTV family. We all related to each other and came together for the same cause – teen pregnancy prevention."

Katie stayed out of the catty drama.  She initially tweeted, "I'm grateful for this experience. Molli and I are ready to move on from this and live a normal life. Thanks for all the love and support."  Later, Katie joked, "Everyone is arguing over Twitter and I'm over here like, should I get ice cream or pizza?"

Matt McCann kept it real, tweeting, "MTV didn't want to continue because the storyline was boring, not because of Mackenzie. Attacking each other is just dumb."  AMEN! I 100% agree with Matt – Teen Mom 3 was fairly boring due to its stale story lines. Add that to an unlikable cast? Not must see TV!   

I'm glad MTV canceled Teen Mom 3 – and I think it is time to put Teen Mom to bed for good.  If MTV insists on continuing, they should air 16 and Pregnant only, with a season ending check up with three or four of the girls with the most interesting stories. The. End.


Photo credit: MTV