Last week Albert Manzo and brother Tommy Manzo got slapped with a lawsuit over their treatment of a waitress at The Brownstone. 

Former employee Lanise Jackson accused the brothers of making racial slurs towards her and other employees, along with failing to pay her accrued over-time. Even worse the former employee claims the establishment is disgusting and filthy. Ouch. 

Now Albert is speaking out in defense of not only his conduct but his restaurant. The Manzo'd With Children star accuses Lanise of being a “lazy, subpar employee” just looking for a payday. He dismisses her accusations as “without merit.” Um… not exactly the tactful way to handle things Al, but whatever. 


“I’m appalled by the accusations,” Al told Radar Online. “Specific to that young lady, I never used that language in front of her. We are a classic melting pot at the Brownstone, and there is no truth to her claims in regards to me." Lanise was employed there for several months then left, then returned when she was then fired after she claims she opposed the treatment of the Manzo brothers and their manager Robert Manger

Albert is so appalled by Lanise's claims that he is planning to counter sue! “She is defaming me, and I plan to sue for slander,” Al states. “She is a lazy individual who wants a big pay day… [But] her claims are without merit, and I look forward to getting this cleared up.”

WHOA! Again, not exactly the tactful way to handle something you want to go away, Al. Have you been tawking to LeAnn Rimes about dealing with haters?

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