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Albert Manzo Denies His Family Has Mob Ties After Allegations That His Brother Tommy Manzo Hired Hitman To Attack Dina Manzo’s Husband

Real Housewives of New Jersey alum Dina Manzo has been through some serious sh**. Just to catch you up, back in 2017, Dina and then-boyfriend, David Cantin, were victims of a home invasion. Not just home invasion but they were also beaten during the traumatic event. While the couple ended up being ok, it was reported that masked thieves made off with jewelry and cash. Dina went on to have a happy ever after by marrying David. But that wasn’t the end of the story.

A little over a week ago, we reported that Dina’s ex-husband, Tommy Manzo, was the man behind the 2017 attack. He has been charged with hiring a hitman to attack David, to which he has pleaded not guilty. The indictment on Tommy alleges that he recruited a member of a well-known crime family to carry out the attack. In exchange, the hitman would receive a big discount at the catering hall co-owned by Tommy. The catering hall? The Brownstone, which was regularly featured on RHONJ. And guess who else owns it? Tommy’s brother, Albert Manzo. Also known as Mr. Caroline Manzo.

I’m certainly not insinuating that Albert has anything to do with it and he hasn’t been charged or even implemented in any way. He’s just stuck defending his family through all this mess. Seems to be the Manzo thing to do. According to the New York Post, Albert is denying all mob ties that have plagued the family for years.

Regarding the death of his father, a supposed mob hit, Albert says, “My father was no gangster. He was a wonderful, hardworking man. He was never accused of anything else pertaining to being a gangster. The shame of it is that our family were the victims of a murder which was never solved, and it was spun as a mob hit.”


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Albert is also defending his brother Tommy, saying “I believe my brother is innocent. My father was, too. It’s awful what happened to Dina’s husband. We just have to hope that whoever really did this is found and goes to jail.” Albert went on to add that Tommy is out on bail and back running the Brownstone with him.

Despite the defense of his brother, Albert also wants people to know how much he cares about Dina. He says, “I grew up with Dina, I knew her since she was 7. We don’t want a hair on her head harmed. She is still my sister-in-law. She always will be.”


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I think we can all say that we are thankful Dina and her husband are ok. Now hopefully they will get the justice they deserve.


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