I'm not going to lie, I've been looking forward to Juan-uary for a long time, but I have a confession to make. I've yet to watch it (it's patiently waiting on my DVR) because of Sunday's Sister Wives. Plus, I got hooked on a little web series on Hulu Plus that is the most hilarious Bachelor parody called Burning Love (and don't even get me started on the amazing guest stars!).

However, while I pine for this season's Juan Pablo Galavis, one of the ladies who got kicked off in the first round is already trying to extend her fifteen minutes. Is it just me, or does one episode of the dating show not warrant a full fifteen? Not only that, but one reputable media outlet is touting hot father Juan as a (gasp!) deadbeat dad! What??


Kylie Lewis may be a reality novice, but the girl who was not offered a rose on Sunday's premiere is already pulling the editing card. According to TMZ, Kylie is blaming the advice of the Bachelor producers, as well as the footage that ABC chose to air, for making her look like an airhead.

The site shares that Kylie claims producers advised her to dye her blonde hair red and suggested she wear a dress that wasn't in her wardrobe plan for the opening night. She also asserts that she looked desperate after following their advice to tweet to Juan immediately after meeting him. Wait, they're allowed to have their phones at the cocktail parties? Me thinks that Kylie is just trying to cover up her embarrassment for going to accept a rose that wasn't for her when she mistakenly heard her name during the first of the most shocking rose ceremonies. EVER. She can't believe they would choose to air that piece of reality gold. I'm totally floored myself. Not

If you believe the National Enquirer (you know you do! 😉 ), Kylie may have dodged a bullet. This is how ABC describes Juan: “Refusing to be an absentee father, Juan Pablo put his dream of soccer aside to focus on a more important goal, raising his daughter, Camila Valentina Galavis. Juan Pablo took his responsibility as a new father seriously and began a new career in sports and entertainment consulting. Despite the success at his new career, Juan Pablo and [Camila’s mother] Carla came to a realization that after two years, sadly, they were not meant to stay together.”

However, the National Enquirer is "reporting" that Juan has his paycheck garnished back in 2011 to make up for unpaid child support. Actually, the garnishment is public record, so yes, Juan being more than $3,000 in arrears on payments isn't exactly gossip. A source tells the tabloid, "Juan Pablo has been hoping that news of his court-ordered child support didn't get out because he doesn't want Bachelor fans finding out he's not the perfect father he portrays himself to be. His Bachelor bio glazes right over all the domestic issues that Juan and Carla have had over the years, but they've had their fair share of heated run-ins."

While that doesn't sound like Father of the Year, it's not exactly the worst skeleton to come out of the reality closet. The same source explains that the former couple is now very amicable, revealing, "While Juan and Carla don't always see eye to eye, they're both loving parents who want only the best for Camila."

Well, to both Kylie and Juan, I say, here's lesson number eighty bazillion as to why appearing on reality television will never turn out as one anticipated. There's this little thing called "Google"…heard of it?


[Photo Credit: ABC]

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