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Susie Evans Admits She Still Misses Her Ex, Bachelor Clayton Echard

I know some of us wish we could just forget Season 26 of the Bachelor. I’ve often described Clayton Echard as being the “Worst Bachelor EVER” — although Juan Pablo Galavis could offer serious competition for that title. Am I wrong?

Heavy. reported that the recipient of Clayton‘s Final Rose (though sadly, not the ring,) Susie Evans, apparently has no such regrets about having participated in that trainwreck of a season. In fact, she’s now admitting to actually missing her ex-boyfriend.

Even though Susie initially rejected Clayton‘s proposal at the end of the season,  the couple reunited on After the Final Rose and decided to give their relationship a go in the real world.

Things seemed to go well for a while — until they didn’t. Clayton and Susie announced their split just six months after getting back together.

The two hadn’t had much contact since their breakup but have both been very open about their feelings and their decision to take separate paths. Recently Susie opened up about their relationship, responding to questions through her Instagram Stories during an “Ask Me Anything.”

In addition to admitting that she misses the medical sales rep, Susie confessed that the two are still talking to each other. She says he’s been her “closest friend” over the past year.

When asked, “Do you miss your ex?,” the wedding videographer responded, “Meh . . . joking. Of course! He was a wonderful part of my life.” Susie also included a never before shared photo of herself with Clayton.

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“He probably has a lot less grey hairs coming in now that he’s got me off his back!” Susie continued. “But really, of course I miss him, he was my closest friend for the last year, and we went through a lot together, and I know we will both have a special place in each other’s heart. And now that we are back on talking terms, I can go back to roasting him. (But you guys still can’t . . . only me)” she added.

Seeing that his ex had tagged him in the post, Clayton shared it on his own Instagram Stories. “One gray hair sprouted when I saw you tagged me in a story,” he joked, adding the crying with laughter emoji. “A warning would be nice next time.”

Though a lot of her fans seemed curious about Susie’s dating life, the Virginia native confessed that she hasn’t really had any dates with anyone new yet. “Mostly because every time it comes up, my armpits start sweating,” she joked.

When someone else asked about rumors that Susie already had a new boyfriend, she shut that down. “I feel like the truth usually finds its way out eventually and, if it doesn’t, oh well. Me having a rumored bf that doesn’t exist won’t stop me from finding a real bf . . . at least hopefully,” Miss Virginia 2020 stated.

When asked how to know when it’s “time to start dating again after a breakup,” Susie replied, “I’ve always been very generous with the amount of time I give myself before getting back out there. I think it depends on the relationship and your mental health/personal well-being at the end of your other relationship.” Solid advice.

“I don’t think it’s ever too soon though,” she added. “As long as you are healed and emotionally available, I say rip the bandaid off!”


[Photo Credit: ABC/Craig Sjodin]