On Shahs of Sunset, feelings of betrayal and broken promises have led to the demise of Reza Farahan and Mike Shouhed's long-standing friendship. Reza feels Mike betrayed him following Club Nur.  However, Reza's outburst offended Mike, who was already upset about their failed real estate partnership.

Mike and Reza's showdown at Asa Soltan Rahmati's Diamond Water launch party did not help matters – and Mike did NOT hold back in his Bravo blog.

"Who needs enemies when you have 'friends' like Reza?" asked Mike. "He's selfish, self-centered, and 98% fake. Reza has betrayed me in our business and personal relationship. He's pushed me too far this time. I have held in my anger, feelings of resentment, and disappointment towards him for too long." 


I agree. Reza only cares about Reza. But I think 2% real is way too generous. 

Mike continued, "I was super nervous about how things would go down at the Diamond Water launch.  Reza wants to claim that I have a 'drinking problem' and that I 'party too much'?  More slander, he's very good at that!  He's not the Shah Of Sunset, he's the Shah Of Bullsh-t!  If he had a heart, he would know how it feels when someone you care about rips it out of you and stomps on it."

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I think we can expect Reza to bring a big bus to the reunion again – and drive it right over Mike's back.  While last season's victim – Mercedes "MJ" Javid – cheers him on. It's mind-boggling.

Mike accepted, "I had not seen Reza in months and these issues had been brewing inside me for a long time. I was like a ticking time bomb. The only thing I could do to ease my pain was to drink,"  adding,  "I sincerely apologize to Asa for being so rude and obnoxious at her party. I really couldn't control myself."


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