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To be a rat or not to be a rat – the drama over Renee Graziano's behavior rolls on. 

Reacting to this week's episode of Mob Wives, Renee is all obsequious, but she's also pointing fingers at the reason she's been acting out. “I feel really bad about it,” she told VH1. 

Renee is also feeling bad about how she is being portrayed – sounds like something she should take up with her sister (and producer) Jennifer Graziano. Renee feels with so many of the original ladies leaving she has no idea how to act! "There’s no Karen, no Ramona, no Carla, so someone had to be the big bad wolf and it looks like that’s what they made me this year and that’s very disturbing to me because I’m not,” Renee insists.


“I’m an opinionated woman with a loud voice, but I’m not a mean person," Renee adds. "And that day, I can recall that clearly, I was mean. But there were things that you didn’t see happen, there were things that were said to me, accusations aside from the other accusation, and it was like, hell, no. It was much more than what you see. Much more.”

Renee continued to address her bad behavior on twitter – and she had a warning to those judging her. “No one without proof should ever jump 2 conclusions. That goes 4 me 2.” 

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