Is there already trouble in paradise for the fakest couple in the world? All signs point to yes!

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West purchased a home together in Calabasas, CA so Kimmie could remain near the Kardashian Kompound. Before moving in the couple decide to undertake a major renovation – or rather Kanye did! 

"To date, Kim and Kanye have spent $4 million on the house and the renovations will cost in excess of $6 million when it's all said and done," a source dishes to Life & Style. “They won’t be in there until July or August.”

Meanwhile Kim and North have been staying at Kris Jenner's house. Or rather North has been staying there with nannies while Kim trounces all over the world pretending to be important to the fashion industry. 


Apparently Kanye is completely obsessed with creating the perfect enclave for his family. Among his insane demands are custom-made mattresses and glittery fridges! “Kanye is obsessed with every single aspect of this house,” a different insider reveals. “He says it’s like a work of art and that there’s no detail too small for him to be involved in.”

The house will include a gym, movie theater, bowling alley (WHO IS ACTUALLY DOING ALL THIS BOWLING PEOPLE?!), a "top quality" recording studio, dressing rooms, and a basketball court. Kanye has reportedly spent a fortune on custom-crafted Italian furniture – and had beds made from "cashmere, virgin lamb's wool and Mongolian horse hair." You cannot make this ish up!

And it doesn't end there – Kanye is turning the kitchen into a mess of tackery! Kanye spent nearly $1 million on Electrolux appliances so Kim can make her Ramen Noodle in the lap of luxury. But by far the most exciting extravagance is a "Swarovski-encrusted fridge-freezer." Why are these two not the subject of an HGTV show?

Soooo… what do we bet that Kanye will also be installing THIS!


Sadly, all Kanye's micro-managing is giving Kim sadface. Kim, who has been destroying herself pretending she's someone she's not to fit into Kanye's mold, just doesn't understand because the luxe mansion was move-in ready when they purchased it a year ago! 

Furthermore, Kanye dismisses all her design ideas. Just like he did her wardrobe ones – we see how that turned out! “It’s frustrating for Kim,” a source admits. “He’s impossible to please and thinks nothing of changing direction midway and starting over.”

Man – everything this couple touches turns to tacky and gold-plate. Poor Kim – but she's living the A-list life she always wanted! 

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