This is so, so rich. The two most upstanding ladies that MTV has introduced us to courtesy of Teen Mom are feuding over who is the better (worse?) mom to the children they very rarely see. One of them has a penchant for pregnancies while the other has a predilection for porn

I bet you can't even guess of whom I'm speaking, can you? Bwahahaha! I'm kiddding, of course. We all know the only logical fame whores battling on social media could only be Jenelle Evans and Farrah Abraham. Farrah mades some back handed comments about how fertile Jenelle is, and Jenelle retorted, citing Farrah's backdoor aptitude for surgery and having the paps on speed dial. Man, this is amazingly bad. See you later brain cells!


Wet Paint is dishing on the growing feud between Jenelle and Farrah. It all started with a comment that Farrah made before the Super Bowl. She advised, "All I've said is congratulations to that and I hope she knows what she's doing. Because when you have two little people to take care of and you can't take care of your own responsibilities…"

Continuing Farrah opines, "I don't want to sound like I'm judging anybody and I only want to wish her the healthiest, happiest pregnancy and to be a great mom, but in the same sense you can't keep having children and not having a foundation." That doesn't sound judgmental at all, Girl Who Fakes Relationships, Stars In Porn, And Waxes Her Toddler's Eyebrows!

Jenelle retaliated first via Sulia and then Twitter. She posted, "She is speaking out on her opinion of my life, and my decision to have another child. My advice is that Farrah should get her own house in order, before giving out advice on my life."

Next, Jenelle tweeted to the crying wonder, "Girl… I wouldn't be even talking… I have a solid foundation as of now, but do u? U might have money but u r backtracking," adding, "u pawn ur child off to ur mother where as I'm stepping up to take care of mine. I have the financial support this family needs." Since when is signing your son over to Barb "stepping up?" 

She concluded her rant, sharing that she didn't "have to get desperately naked" (just high) for cash, and then Jenelle called out Farrah for "living a lie constantly for the media's attention." Is that different from getting pregnant with a man who isn't your husband while your actual husband is still in jail?

You know what? These girls should just get in the ring a la George Zimmerman and DMX. How awesome would that be?


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