Poor Ramona Singer – all her protestations about being lady-like and having a legit breakdown in the Berkshires have fallen on deaf ears. Meaning – we don't believe you Singer!

With Ramona's constant cycle of backtracking and story changing and victim playing she should be an extra on Law & Order, but instead she's just a Real Housewives of New York star trying to escape the badgering of her fellow Housewives and exonerate herself from some very necessary blame. I mean what kind of excuse is 'don't annoy me and then I won't fling things at your face'? I guess it makes perfect sense in the loopy land of pinot. Anyway, in her new Bravo blog Ramona talks leaving the Berkshires, getting intervened upon, and apologizing to Kristen Taekman

Ramona claims the new real reason she left was that she was "uncomfortable around Kristen," on the trip. Wait – I thought she was uncomfortable around trees and suffering from hot flashes and a deflated blowout? "Heather [Thomson] had put so much effort into the weekend that I did not want to ruin everyone else's time," Ramona continues. 


"One thing everyone knows about me I have no trouble saying and doing what I want — sometimes to my detriment. If I wanted to leave for a party in the Hamptons (which I was sponsoring with my Ramona Pinot), I would have absolutely no problem telling them and excusing myself from the remainder of the weekend. How many times do I have to say the main reason I left the Berkshires is that I was uncomfortable around Kristen?" Except – I don't remember Ramona EVER telling anyone that was the reason. She said it was because her family was in The Hamptons, it brought back painful memories of childhood, and she's too fancy to sleep in a glorified garage. Get your lies straight, Pinot! 

Since Ramona is into pretending to take responsibility and then trying to redirect blame on to other people, she pretends she didn't start the problem by throwing things at people and blames Kristen for not bowing down to the greatness of NYC's most classy lady with the best hair. Kristen "and I were not making up, and it was not relaxing being around her. My intention was never to hurt her. But if you throw something you don't know where it can end up — so it is always wrong to throw an object."

And now on to other people who deserve blame for Ramona's egregious behavior – the rest of her cast mates! "Going into the woods jarred me and brought back bad memories. Those were not fake or crocodile tears. I never ever expected this reaction from myself," Ramona insists. "I was very disappointed the ladies did not get this, especially Carole [Radziwill] who saw me cry first-hand."

And finally, Ramona discusses her apology to Kristen and denies insinuating that Kristen is a bad mother. "I met Kristen for tea as I wanted to clear the air and tell her how genuinely sorry I was. It was an accident! I NEVER meant to hurt her. It was plastic and bruised the inside of her lip — which bled."

"It became apparent that Kristen and I were not going to resolve everything between us at tea. I never said Kristen was a bad mom, so I am confused why she thought I implied that?" Ramona says. "Kristen wasn't ready to fully accept my apology and that is her choice. I will end by saying my behavior towards Kristen in the canoe was inexcusable and un-ladylike."

Ramona – look just because you apologize doesn't mean someone has to accept it – even if you were sincere. A true lady would understand that some offenses need time and space to heal. However, I don't think Kristen trying to lecture Ramona at the tea was going to do anything – we know Ramona doesn't respond well in those situations. And also, knowing how volatile and intransigent Ramona is I would have just pretended to accept her apology, gotten out of there, and kept my distance from the Ramonacoaster! 

[Photo Credit: BravoTV.com]


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