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You all know Million Dollar Listing: New York is one of my guilty pleasures for Fredrik Eklund's karate moves alone. However, no one does frat boy charm and silly arrogance quite like Ryan Serhant. Those eyes. That pig (I miss you, Kevin Bacon!). Those suits (gracious, those suits). Sure, he often comes across as a cocky S.O.B., but I think he's a real softie underneath it all.

Of course, I should know given that I got to chat with Ryan before this season's premiere. Most exciting ten minutes of my March, by far. Sad, I know. I just like to remember it when I watch…like when he talked about the time capsule town house that was finally featured on last week's episode. Apparently, I'm not the only one that Ryan gives interviews to (I'm shocked–I thought we had something special), and he's opening up about his personal philosophy–and rumors of a MDL crossover!–in a new one.


Speaking to Life & Style, Ryan admits that, despite what may sometimes come across on camera, he is truly a nice guy. He tells the site, "I do everything with a wink and a smile, and most people get that about my sense of humor. I like to have a little fun and add some spice to life."

We can certainly see Ryan making the most of it on MDLNY, revealing, "This is our best season yet and each episode is filled with unexpected twists and turns. Everyone is loving the show this season and it keeps getting better and better with each episode." I would certainly agree with that!

Of the drama with co-stars and fellow realtors, Ryan explains that, at the end of the day, he can't hold a grudge. He shares, "We all make mistakes in life, say things we shouldn't say, do things we might regret.My philosophy is to apologize when I am at fault and when I am not, I forgive, forget and move forward. Looking back is a waste of time," adding, "Grudges are unattractive."

As you know, Ryan is also expanding Nest Seekers to Los Angeles, but he remains coy about rumors that have him appearing on Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles. He teases, "I can't confirm or deny that, but I can say tune in because anything is possible."

And just in case things don't end up working out with girlfriend Emilia, Ryan is already working on a back-up plan. He posted the below picture on Instagram with the caption, "Just in case Emilia leaves me again…" 

As if Ryan could handle the Neenster


[Photo Credit: Twitter/Instagram]

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