Brandi Glanville

Brandi Glanville thinks she's fat. Maybe she should do another vodka only cleanse?

Brandi announced on twitter that she's on a bikini-body shape-up to prepare for an appearance at Tao in Las Vegas. Silly me – I thought Brandi was always in bikini ready shape just to piss Kyle Richards off. Apparently not! "Starting my workout this am to get back into bikini shape after 2 rounds of steroids for ear infection made me gain 8 lbs :/ working on it!" Brandi added on twitter. 


In order to accomplish her goals, Brandi is enlisting former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-star, Carlton Gebbia! Is Brandi going to end up with rock hard bullet boobs? "The boys and I are headed to @CarltonGebbia13 house for a family swim party! I'm going to get exercise tips from her also!" Pretty sure all of Carlton's exercise tips include spending time in the sex dungeon playing. Ew. (Carlton did tweet in response that pole climbing gives you "toned thighs." Of course!) 

Unfortunately it seems Brandi plans on advertising her every diet step on twitter because she then tweeted that she did not really eat breakfast. Lovely. "Made pancakes and egg sandwiches for the boys and didn't eat anything… 🙁 going to have egg whites." 

Maybe Brandi can call her next book Starving & Tweeting: I Was So Hungry I Ate My Foot

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