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The drama was “reel” on last night’s episode of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. Mimi Faust is still “reeling” from the release of her sex tape with Nikko. He’s still excited from all the people watching the film reel, so at least they are on the same page. Nikko is thrilled that they are trending on social media while Mimi is upset that her shower rod has its own Twitter handle. Of course, she doesn’t seem to be too upset laugh at memes of her co-stars mocking her video all over the Internet. Mimi is grateful for Nikko’s support throughout this ordeal. He’s such a stand-up guy. He’s hoping to start marketing his own line of shower curtain rods. Yeah, Nikko certainly didn’t plan to leak this video…

Rasheeda is back in the studio and she’s dishing with Kalenna on the state of her marriage with Tony. Kalenna reveals that she did get physical with Ashley, but she sent her friend home to work on her relationship with her husband. She also drops a bombshell…she’s pregnant. Kalenna is equal parts stressed and excited because the first time she had a child with Tony, he cheated on her, claiming he wasn’t ready to be a dad yet. Rasheeda urges her friend to break the news to Tony, but she can relate given how Kirk Frost responded to her recent baby news. 


Joseline Hernandez is leaving the gym (what is she wearing, and why are we treated to crotch shots?) when she is confronted by Stevie J. She is still fighting mad about Stevie’s indiscretions, but Stevie is sticking to his story. He never banged Althea! Speaking of Althea, Stevie and Benzino’s friendship is still intact, and they are meeting for cocktails to keep rehashing the Althea situation. Zino wants to leave the past in the past and move forward. Sleaze and Zeen just want to focus on happiness…and getting Mimi on the cover of Hip Hop Weekly. Stevie is a bit skeptical because he doesn’t want to celebrate his baby mama’s behavior, but Zino knows what will sell. Stevie even utters the words, “All money ain’t good money.” Truer words…and I’d say it applies to Mimi as well!

Still hoping to woo Bambi back, an all white clad Lil’ Scrappy has planned a romantic picnic in “the wilderness.” He’s convinced he’ll be able to outdo his recent puppy gift. As he lounges on his rose petal covered blanket, Scrap asks Bambi what she wants out of life and their relationship. When she starts to respond, he then asks her to make him a sandwich from the picnic basket. Listening is clearly a lost art. As she fumbles in the basket, a velvet box falls to the ground. Bambi is shocked to find a diamond ring inside, and Scrappy promises to be her friend and prove to her that “this” is real. Did I miss something? Was that a proposal?

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Mimi and her publicist Dawn are heading into a meeting with Benzino, and Mimi finds it hilarious that he now wants a piece of her fame after brushing her off earlier in the season. I guess she is no longer embarrassed by her shower shenanigans–or “endeavors” as Zino so politely calls them. Mimi offers to do the cover for a measly $10,000.00. Zino reminds her that he doesn’t pay people to be on the cover, nor does he need her permission. He called her here as a courtesy. Mimi threatens legal action if he decides to use her on the cover. Before storming out, she rattles off the list of offers she’s been receiving since her tape was released. Dare I say she’s a bit proud?

Later, Mimi learns that her father that her father has had a stroke and isn’t doing well. I’d say that’s the perfect time for Erica Dixon to decide to let Mimi know exactly what she thinks of her sex tape! Erica no longer has much sympathy for Mimi, but she is concerned for Mimi’s daughter Eva. Erica doesn’t believe for a second that it was a home video, and she reminds Mimi that her actions will affect Eva. Mimi retorts that her tape will provide for her family, and Erica wonders how her friend could put a price tag on dignity and embarrassing her daughter. When Mimi breaks down about her father’s stroke, Erica backs off and comforts her friend. 

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Kalenna and Tony learn that their studio/home has mold that could be toxic…especially to children and expectant mothers. Tony can’t believe the amount of money they’ve sunk into the money pit, and Kalenna takes the opportunity to spill the beans about her pregnancy. He is excited about the news even though it comes at a bad time. Tony is determined to get his wife into a better location sans mold. Across town, Scrappy is lunching with Momma Dee. She brags about what an amazing job she’s done as a referee in her son’s relationships, but her tune changes when she finds out that Scrappy has given a ring to The Bambi…without her permission, no less! I’d say it’s time to cut those apron strings!

Mimi has organized a dinner with Erica, Rasheeda, and Ariane to have a round table discussion about her tape. Both Rasheeda and Ariane agree with Erica that it seems more like a movie production than a home movie. Mimi’s friends question why Nikko is more excited about the money as opposed to helping her keep it off the Internet. Ariane was correct in predicting that Mimi was going to be majorly defensive. When Rasheeda asks if Mimi has any regrets, Erica interrupts to ask about Mimi’s father. He’s had have his leg amputated. Gracious…Mimi wants to have her friends’ support, but she certainly doesn’t want their opinions. Erica promises to take Mimi at her word that she had nothing to do with the leaking the tape or having it professionally made. 

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Benzino has made good on his threat promise by putting Mimi on the cover of Hip Hop Weekly. Joseline barges in on Stevie in the studio to find out why his ex is featured front and center of the magazine in the issue where she is the centerfold. Stevie tries to explain that he had no idea that Zino would put Mimi on the cover without consulting him first. She rips up the issue before making a dramatic exit. 


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